How to Become a TimeTap Expert

At TimeTap we are continually improving, updating and creating features to better suit the needs of our users. With these changes we strive to offer the best support we can as well as provide adequate resources for our users to use as a learning tool. 

The resources we offer can be accessed directly through your TimeTap account or at  See below on how to access these tools:

  • When signed into the back office on TimeTap you will go to your Dashboard and select "Setup Guide" to access the video guides and step by step instructions on how to up your account. These guides are located on the right hand side of the page. 
  • Through the setup guide or by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen you can schedule an onboarding call to walk through your account with one of TimeTap's team member
  •  If you are more of a self starter and want to dive into TimeTap's user documentation you can access our written guides through your TimeTap account. This is done  click on your name in the top right corner of your account and from the dropdown menu select "Help Docs". Once Help Docs is selected you will be taken to another screen where you will have access to all of our written documentation. You are able to navigate through by using the side bar options or you can use the search feature if you have something specifically you are looking for.

At any point during your time with TimeTap, if you find yourself needing support from our team there are a couple different methods to reach us:

  1. You can email us at
  2. You can call us at 202-753-7351 anytime Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:30pm
  3. You can use the chat option within your TimeTap account. You will see a green bubble at the bottom right side of your screen (as seen in the video above). 
  4. You can troubleshoot in realtime by booking a support call with our team and we will set up a screenshare where we will work together to solve an issue or walk you through the steps to setup/update your account.

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For more information about how you can get started on your 30 Day Free Trial, contact us at or visit and TimeTap

Here at TimeTap we are always looking for more ways to help make your lives easier, and sometimes that means finding other companies to collaborate with. (say it with me: “doc-see-me”) is a prime example of this, and we are partnering with them to save you money.


Claiming that they are out to change telemedicine, offers a simple and convenient means for clinicians to connect with their patients remotely. Their app provides doctors with personal URLs to be given out to their patients, and once a patient clicks on a link he or she is welcomed into a customizable, private waiting room where they can await their doctor’s next convenience. does not offer a way for patients to schedule appointments with their doctors, however, and this is where TimeTap comes in. Our first-class scheduling system makes the perfect complement to their virtual waiting room, and in recognition of this we are offering a 10% discount to all you subscribers. To activate, you just have to contact and mention the discount, so make sure to sign up now!


Open or not Open? That's the Question.

The latest in workspace culture trends is an emphasis on ‘open work spaces.’ Essentially, no cubes, no dividers - simply communal tables where everyone gathers at the work-equivalent dinner table for their 8 hours a day. But is it actually beneficial or is it doing more harm than good? gives 3 arguments from both sides of the table, let’s hear the argument for keeping it breezy and open first.

Better collaboration
Open spaces make it much easier to bounce ideas around and form professional and personal relationships, which is the opposite of the classic cubicle layout. Turns out, a study from 2013 found that employees with a cubicle setup had the highest rate of work unhappiness. With many of those solo voids filled, those stats aren’t found when advocating for open spaces. 

Cost effective
Less walls to build means less money to spend on them! The costs of creating an open work space is far less that of a traditional setup, which can open the door for more money to celebrating employee achievements and various morale-boosting events, both which push employees to work harder and be more dedicated in the day to day.

Prevent and alleviate pain
Open floor plans encourage people to get up and move around, which is not as encouraged when everyone is separated into their own designated areas. These small increments of movement though can have lasting results - proven to lift moods, fight afternoon exhaustion and even potentially make you less hungry. 

Does this work space excite you or make you nervous? There are reasons for both.

Does this work space excite you or make you nervous? There are reasons for both.

Now, what about keeping it classic and closed? 

Hierarchy is clear
Zappos learned this the hard way when they got rid of their hierarchy policy. They noticed a 30% turnover. Essentially, the belief is that if you keep the higher ranking positions in larger ‘corner offices’ it will motivate employees to work harder to earn those better spaces by achieving company goals. While they are working hard, the company is succeeding as a result of their efforts, it’s a win on both ends.

Fewer distractions
With more barriers up around work spaces, it adds for minimal distractions and a higher sense of privacy. With less in your eyesight, it is easier to keep on task and even re-focus if it is lost, as opposed to up to 23 minutes to get back on task if working in an open space.

Healthier for employees
Space is the best bet when avoiding germs, especially in cold and flu season. Keeping space between employees adds for less chance of anything spreading, but also various other health factors. Closed office space workers have been known to experience less neurological and digestive problems.

So which one is best? Every space layout is going to have it’s pro’s and con’s, it’s just a matter of what works best for you and your team. Maybe the solution is a little bit of both, having a common area where your workers can go to sit, but still giving them their respective spaces. What works best for you and your team?

Mix and Match with TimeTap's Custom Booking Sites

Have you ever wanted to choose what your online scheduler shows in terms of your locations, services/classes and staff? We are excited to say that we have answered the call for this request and now offer for our business level accounts the option to create Custom Booking Sites. 

For those users who have been displaying their schedulers to customers based on the private URLS for a location, staff or service, you now have the option to mix and match to create your own customized booking site.  This feature allows you to put any combination of location(s), staff(s) and services/classes together on one scheduler.

In our example below we are going to create a booking site that is focused towards our new clients and the services we offer them. 

To set up your custom booking sites you will go to Settings > Custom Booking Sites and Click the green Add New Booking Site button: 


Once you click the Add New Booking Site button you will be taken to the Add New Booking Site screen where you will name your booking site and set the parameters for the locations, staff and services to include. 

First, we have titled the internal name "First Time Client Scheduler" for the staff's use only and created a webhandle. We then selected that this custom site will include all locations. The staff that sees our new clients will be Admin 3 and Admin 2. Finally, we chose only our new client services, "Consult" and "Initial Appointment" to display in this site. 


Now that you have saved your new booking site you will be automatically taken to its profile page. From here you can further your customizations and alter the look and flow of your online scheduler. 


On the profile page you will click on "Customizations" to choose the panel flow for the specific booking site. You change alter the Welcome Message your clients see or choose to skip the Welcome Message all together. 

We have chosen to have the new client choose their location first, staff members second and finally choose their service/class from the online scheduler. You can also see below that we have altered the welcome message and tailored it specifically to our new clients. 


After you click Save within Customizations your new booking site is ready to go!  It is now time to take your new custom booking site for a spin! Click on the webhandle in the custom booking site profile and you will be able to see what you have built: 

For complete documentation on how to set up your Custom Booking Sites click here. And as always let us know if you have any questions regarding this feature or your set up. 

Happy Scheduling!