Quickly Add Availability

Here at TimeTap we are always working to make running your business easier. To that end we have placed an Add Availability button directly on the Appointments page - as shown below - to make it that much more convenient for you to add periods of availability to your work calendar. Now you can add appointments and add availability all on the same page.


This will act as a helpful reminder for users who are new to the system and may be looking at it for the first time of how to get started. After all, adding availability is the first step in the long walk towards business success!

For more help on these or other topics, visit our documentation pages or contact support@timetap.com.

Introducing Custom Booking Sites

One of the best way to connect with your customers and keep them engaged while visiting your website is to limit the information they are presented with that is not related to their business interests, and instead focus that website on what they are looking for. If you have a business level account, TimeTap offers you the opportunity to do just this with our Custom Booking Sites!

You can create unique booking sites for specific locations, staff members, and services offered, and any combination thereof, in order to optimize your customer’s shopping experience. And here at TimeTap we allow you to create as many unique booking sites as you want!

So say your business has five locations throughout the US, and you are starting a Pet Training and Grooming advertising campaign targeted on consumers in the area around the Gulf of Mexico. Instead of including the link to your main business website in the new ads, you would want to create a custom booking site that only includes your locations near the Gulf to focus on what is relevant to your intended customers.


And say your business employs ten staff members, one worker along with a trainee in each location; since you are not including all of your locations in the booking site, you would not want to include all of your staff either. With our custom booking sites you can include only the staff members you want.


Now that you have created a custom booking site for just your locations and staff around the Gulf for your advertising campaign, you will want to customize which of your services get offered. With our custom booking sites, you can choose whether you wish to include all or just a select few of the services you offer. For your Pet Training and Grooming campaign, you would naturally only wish to include relevant services on the custom booking site you create. All you need to do is select the services to be offered from a checklist!


When you are trying to get new customers and retain your current ones for your business, you definitely do not want to waste their time by making them search through long lists of locations, staff, and services on a bulky website in order to book the appointment they want. Create your own custom booking site today, and then create another one tomorrow, and another the next day-the only limit is your imagination!

For more information visit our help documentation page for set up tips or contact our support team at support@timetap.com.

Client Tracking and Engagement Tools

With all the advertisements vying for people’s attention nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach potential customers. One way you can gain the upper hand is by gathering demographic information about your current clientele. Collecting this information allows you to target your marketing specifically to the kinds of people who make up your client base. Obtain this critical information easily by sending out surveys with targeted messages to your customers using our completed appointment email templates. This feature is only available for Business and Professional accounts.

Keep customers coming back again and again by encouraging them to book more appointments specific to their particular interests and needs.

Keep customers coming back again and again by encouraging them to book more appointments specific to their particular interests and needs.

Timetap has a way for you to collect that important demographic information up front, too. Using our custom fields you can create your own questions on your website’s booking form. Imagine for a second you are running a hair styling business. You would be able to add questions that are important for your business, but are not included on a standard booking form. Our custom fields give you the power to ask clients questions like “What color is your hair?” and “Do you have problems with dry hair or scalp?” giving you the power to further tailor your services to each individual client.

Once you have collected all the demographic info you need, use our client tags to label customers based on their specific demographics. Using the hair styling example from above, say you are selling a new product that improves dry scalp and dandruff problems-this way you to only those customers who would most benefit from it. Then you can send invite emails to only those clients that match the particular profile, encouraging them to book a treatment with your experts and also purchase the products! TimeTap is here to help consolidate your business processes to ensure that your customers get the most from what you have to offer.

TimeTap Recent Updates

A couple new features have been rolled out in the past few weeks.



You can now add multiple languages to the client scheduler allowing your customers to engage with your booking flow. After adding the translation options on the back office settings (Settings > Translations), the scheduler will display to the customer based on their browser’s language settings.

This is a TimeTap Business Level feature. Please review our help doc on Translations for more information.

Default Calendar Sync Settings

When adding multiple staff on an account, sometimes you want to decide how the calendar sync will be enabled for each team member. Now, an account owner can standardize the sync options for all staff. Streamlining features like uploading or downloading details and adding email tags to appointment details predetermines the external sync settings for any staff on the account who syncs a calendar.


If you’re an account owner, go to Settings > Integrations for more details.

Contact us at support@timetap.com for more info on these or other settings.

TimeTap User Spotlight - Universities

University staff have a lot on their plate - from ensuring that students have all of their requirements met to graduate to organizing events for upcoming semesters, the various moving parts can make it tricky to handle if not organized well. With TimeTap, they can easily make their long to-do list manageable. Let’s elaborate on some of the features that can help.

1. Class Scheduling

When it comes to orientations, there are many students and many factors that come into play. With TimeTap’s classes feature, you can easily add students into a particular class quickly or send out a URL with the dates and seats available for them to do it themselves. On the day of, export the attendees list or keep track of who showed up and who no showed by changing the statuses directly on the class session’s detail page. Remember too, this is accessible via app and iPad, so you are covered no matter what!

2. Repeating Appointments

Advisors need to stay on top of students to ensure all of the necessary things are getting done. But with a large student population to handle, this can get a bit tricky. With the ability to book repeat appointments, you can easily decide how often you meet with a student at once, and make sure that both parties stay on track of appointments. You can easily alter the repeating sessions or cancel a particular one, not messing with the originally made series. Email and text notifications will be sent before each appointment as well, even if changes are made. 

advisor student university college.png

3. Appointment Reminder Texts

It is hard to get student’s attention with so much revolving around them everyday.  With the use of reminder text messages, the phone they are likely staring at all day will send them reminders for their next class or appointment based on the time parameters you set (i.e. 1 hour before or the night before). By having the reminders sent via their most commonly used communication channel, it’ll be easier to reach them and ensure they come - avoiding their time being wasted as well as yours.

TimeTap has various features that university staff take advantage of everyday, and they are constantly improving and being built upon for further efficiency, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. For further questions on how TimeTap can work for you and your team, don’t hesitate to book a demo call here!