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TimeTap Tool Tip: Screening Questions

Starr Campbell

Gaining new clients is exciting for even the most seasoned business owner. Between marketing, word of mouth, and paid advertising, it takes a lot of work to reach new people. But depending on your business, you may want to screen prospective clients before they book an appointment. Finding out some key details can ensure the client is a good fit, saving you both money and time. Use TimeTap’s screening questions feature to ask potential clients specific questions and gauge if they meet your criteria.

How to get started

Screening questions act as gatekeepers, allowing you to gather crucial information from your clients before they book appointments. This information could range from specific preferences to essential details required for providing your services effectively.

TimeTap empowers you to set up custom screening questions effortlessly. Within your TimeTap dashboard, navigate to the Screening Questions section. Here, you can create tailored questions that align with your business needs. Whether you're a therapist gathering background information or a tax accountant making sure clients have the necessary documents ready, the customization options are endless.

Enhancing client experience

Once you've configured your screening questions, TimeTap does the heavy lifting for you. Automatic filtering based on client responses ensures that only suitable appointments are booked. This way, you no longer need to deal with unnecessary back-and-forth communication between clients and services. With TimeTap, each appointment is an ideal fit from the start.

Beyond efficiency, screening questions also contribute to an enhanced client experience. By understanding your clients' needs and preferences upfront, you can personalize their appointments, leading to better client satisfaction and long-term loyalty. Whether it's accommodating dietary restrictions for a catering service or tailoring treatment plans for a healthcare provider, TimeTap helps you deliver exceptional service, every time.

Ready to harness the power of screening questions for your business? With this helpful feature, you can streamline your scheduling process, personalize client experiences, and ultimately, boost your bottom line. Take control of your appointments and unlock new levels of productivity with TimeTap. Get started today and experience the difference for yourself.

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