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Automated Reporting for Enterprise Companies

Automated Reporting for Enterprise Companies

Starr Campbell

Staying informed and making data-driven decisions is vital to remain competitive in any industry. Having the right information at your fingertips empowers you to optimize daily operations, client satisfaction, and staff management. Reports are an invaluable tool when used correctly - but only if you can seamlessly integrate them into your workflow, extracting actionable insights that propel your enterprise toward sustainable success.

Efficiency meets intelligence with TimeTap’s automated report scheduling. From staff performance metrics to cancellation rates, schedule downloadable reports that will automatically generate in your TimeTap account. Whether you need weekly data on completed appointments or monthly financial reports, our automated reporting feature provides a broad overview of your company’s performance.


Under the Reports menu, Enterprise customers can find the Scheduled Reports tab. Get started by generating staff reports; detailing individual staff members’ performance metrics such as appointment volume and rate of no shows. Automating these reports gives regular insight into areas for professional development and assists in recognizing high-performing employees.


Need to track operations across multiple locations? Schedule a weekly location based report to assess the performance of each branch. To dive deeper, pull reports for clients by service and class report. Find out the popularity of different services and classes to tailor future offerings based on customer preferences and demand.

Choose your report type, how often it will be generated, the time framethat works best for you, and then make sure the status is set to active. Once your parameters are set, enter the emails of employees who need to be notified when the report is ready. Save your scheduled report and conduct business as usual - TimeTap will handle the rest.

TimeTap manages data and automates tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture. Ready to unlock a strategic advantage by streamlining processes and making informed decisions that drive growth? Learn more about what a TimeTap Enterprise account can offer your business.

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