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5 Questions to Ask During Your Onboarding Call for Your TimeTap Free Trial

Charlie Bedell

Signing up for a free trial of TimeTap is an excellent way to experience the power and convenience of our online scheduling software. We’re thrilled that you’re on the path to booking more appointments, providing better communication, and spending more time with your clients.

As you embark on your journey with TimeTap, we understand that you may have questions about how to make the most of your trial period. We highly recommend scheduling an onboarding call with our dedicated support team to guarantee you have the best possible experience.

Today, we will explore five important questions to ask during your onboarding call that ensure a smooth, productive free trial with TimeTap.

How can I schedule appointments for different locations of my business?

TimeTap makes it easy to create your schedule for multiple locations – and designate how you will be conducting your client appointments. 

When you create new appointment times on your schedule, you have the option to also enter the appointments’ location. You can also choose if the appointment is in-person, over the phone, or via video conference – or let your clients choose which they prefer when they book their appointment.

After inputting your appointment times, you and your clients will have a comprehensive view of your availability across various locations. Your clients can easily navigate through your scheduler and select the most convenient location for them. TimeTap streamlines appointment options, ensuring that they only view relevant time slots based on their chosen location. You and your team will also be able to filter your schedule by specific locations to make sure you’re viewing only the appointments that are most relevant to you.

How can my schedule accommodate clients in different time zones?

In today’s interconnected world, it’s a necessity to use an online scheduling app that can easily accommodate clients in different time zones all around the world. TimeTap allows you and your clients to avoid the confusion of calculating time zones on your schedule.

With TimeTap’s auto-detect time zone feature, all communications and displays will be adjusted for the client’s time zone. This makes it easy to find mutually convenient appointment slots.

You can also rest easy knowing that all your clients’ confirmation and reminder emails will show the correct time zone for them. You never have to worry about miscommunication or missed calls again!

How can I set up my schedule for one-on-one or group appointments?

With TimeTap, you can offer clients one-on-one appointments – called services – or group appointments – called classes – or both!

Creating different types of appointments is easy. When you add new appointment times to your schedule, you will have the option to choose if the appointments are services or classes. If your business runs on classes, you can set the schedule to stop accepting appointments for classes after a certain number of seats are filled. This means you can set and forget your schedule, knowing that you’ll never be overbooked for a class.

Is your business growing? You’ll probably need a waitlist, especially for popular services or classes that fill up quickly. Using TimeTap’s easy, hands-off waitlist feature means you can fill empty seats quickly without your team ever having to get involved in the process.

Clients can choose to join the waitlist when appointments or classes are full. When a client cancels their appointment, TimeTap will automatically send waitlist participants a customizable email alerting them to the open appointment or seat. Clients can reserve and book the open appointment themselves from the link in the email.

How can I get the information I need from clients when they make an appointment?

To ensure client satisfaction, it’s vital to gather relevant information before the appointment. TimeTap makes this simple by offering two ways to collect information from clients that can be stored in your account’s lightweight CRM.

To get information from clients as they’re booking their appointment, you can customize the booking form. This allows you to add required or optional questions for clients to complete when they confirm their appointment time. The information will automatically save to theirTimeTap account for you to access at any point.

You can also send custom forms, including disclaimers or waivers, for clients to complete or sign once they’ve scheduled an appointment. TimeTap can even automatically send the form with the client’s confirmation email and save the answers or signature to the client’s notes in your account.

Whatever method you use to gather information from clients, our team can view it easily with your built-in TimeTap CRM. Quickly search clients, read saved notes, or add new hidden notes that only you and your team can see.

Want to make sure client data is protected? TimeTap has you covered. Our software is HIPAA compliant and is secured through data encryption, regular scans, and backups. You can even set security roles for your staff, allowing you to assign varying levels of access to your TimeTap account. This ensures client information is only available to staff who need it.

How can I collect optional or required payments before the appointment is confirmed?

Do you want clients to pay for their appointment during the booking process? Or maybe you want to require clients to pay a deposit to secure their time? With TimeTap, it is simple and affordable to accept payments right in your scheduler.

TimeTap uses LumaPay, powered by Stripe, to offer secure payment processing in multiple global currencies with a flat, reliable fee structure. Your clients will love the ease of paying online when they book their appointment – and you will love knowing that you already have your payment in hand.

You can even set up your online schedule to accept coupons or provide discounts to customers who schedule early or schedule a certain number of appointments.

The best part? You never have to worry about getting accurate, comprehensive payment information for your business and your clients. Your TimeTap account can quickly create invoices and custom payment reports so you can feel confident about the way your business is handling its finances. 

A successful onboarding call is the key to unlocking the full potential of your TimeTap free trial. By asking these five crucial questions, you can gain a deeper understanding of TimeTap's capabilities and how it can benefit your business.

Remember, our team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you have a seamless and productive experience with your TimeTap free trial. Schedule your onboarding call today and get ready to revolutionize your scheduling process with TimeTap.

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