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Collect and Manage Client Information

Starr Campbell

Getting to know clients before they come in for a visit helps your staff better support them, setting the stage for a memorable experience. The more information your team has before rendering services, the better – especially if your clients have treatment plans or relevant history. Assembling a detailed client profile begins at the very start of the appointment booking process. Customized intake forms with personalized questions, for example, yield better answers from clients than a standard questionnaire.

TimeTap’s customer relationship management (CRM) feature streamlines client information, organizes staff notes, and allows administrators to set security permissions for sensitive data. Our software makes it easy for service providers to access pertinent information with just a few taps.

Custom booking forms

The first step in collecting the right information is personalizing your intake forms and their booking fields. You can create an unlimited number of booking forms for the different services or patient types on your account. Using custom questions to gather information eliminates the need for intake forms that your front desk will just have to file away.

Instead, TimeTap equips your team with automated digital intake forms. Our tool supports unlimited custom form fields, so you can ask all the questions you need to build a full profile. After you enter your desired questions in the booking fields and save your preferences, clients will be prompted to fill out the form before scheduling their appointment. Once their appointment is booked, all information gets saved and stored in the clients’ profile. Your team can refer to client profiles from any device – as long as they have been given access.

Staff notes

While meeting with clients, your staff may have important observations or concerns to record. Keeping your entire team on the same page is essential. Client profiles have an internal section for notes, making it simple for any member of your staff to get up to speed.

To find client notes, navigate to the Clients menu in your TimeTap dashboard. For businesses with an extensive list, you can search by Client Name to find the right person. If you have less clients but choose to thoroughly document every visit, it may be best to search by Client Notes. This way, you can quickly locate specific instructions or a care plan that you can send to clients in a follow-up email.


Modern businesses typically require multiple software solutions to help meet their goals. For example, healthcare practices may need a scheduling tool and a separate patient tracking software. In order to connect them, you’ll need to leverage APIs.

TimeTap’s Open RESTful API seamlessly connects with third-party software so you can automate updating your client database. Our business-level customers who oversee large databases or complex patient accounts use TimeTap’s API capabilities to create personalized workflows. It’s easy to keep track of metrics, records and appointments when you have a powerful tool doing the hard work for you.

Building relationships with your clients is vital for client retention – nurturing them takes time, but with the help of an automated and feature-rich scheduling software, you can get started right away!

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