Introducing LumaPay

Starr Campbell

At TimeTap, we strive to build smart features that help your registration and appointment scheduling tasks. That’s why we’ve always offered the ability to collect payment directly on your scheduling site. We are now excited to announce the release of a new enhanced and more secure payments technology. LumaPay, powered by Stripe, is our latest payment platform that offers the level of security and flexibility you deserve.

What is LumaPay?

LumaPay payment processing tool offers you low fees and enhanced dashboard functionality. Powered by Stripe, LumaPay offers an easy set up process, advanced security, and enhanced reporting.

The feature offers top-notch payment processing with international reach for over 135 countries. It also offers top tier fraud protection and support – making it a safe and simple way to collect payment.

What are the LumaPay features?

Switching to a different payment processor can be tedious. With LumaPay, you can easily make the switch in minutes, in your TimeTap account. Using LumaPay, you have access to:

  • Lightning fast onboarding
  • Fewer declined payments
  • Flat, reliable and transparent rate/fee structure
  • Direct support from TimeTap customer service
  • The ability to choose which party pays the processing fee
  • Service in over 135 countries

How to get started

To access and setup LumaPay within your account, you’ll need to make sure that you have the payments function enabled within your account. Login to your account, click your profile icon in the top right corner and select Account Settings. Then, be sure the Show Payments box is checked.

account management

Once you have enabled payments, you will see the Payments tab in the toolbar along the top navigation bar. Select the Payments drop down in the navigation bar and then select Payment Settings. Then, select the LumaPay payment feature, located on the right side of the screen.

payment settings

From there, you will be directed to a screen where you can easily enable your LumaPay account. Then, you’ll be ready to accept payment on your booking site. You can view our payment help guide for specific information on setting up specific payment features.

Get started with LumaPay by setting up your account to take payments today!

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