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4 Features to Use When Booking Clients in Multiple Locations

Starr Campbell

A hectic schedule gets even busier when you’re managing a business with multiple locations. TimeTap can help streamline operations whether you’re keeping up with calendars for different offices, need to simplify client management, or estimating the driving time between locations.

Make it easy for clients to book a service at the location most convenient to them. With our smart features, you can automatescheduling processes so you can focus on being at the right place at the right time. Get to know four TimeTap features that lighten workloads and expand your reach across multiple locations.

Custom booking sites

When you’re managing clients across various locations, the last thing you want is a one-size-fits-all scheduling system. TimeTap’s custom booking sitesensure that clients can effortlessly find and schedule appointments at the specific branch that suits them best.

You can ask clients to choose from a list of locations with your main online scheduler or create a dedicated booking site for each location. In your TimeTap account, tailor booking rules to each location’s unique requirements. You can offer different operating hours, services that won’t be offered anywhere else, or assign staff members to one location on certain days.

With the ability to fully customize your booking sites, you can enhance the scheduling experience for clients. For example, if you run a spa or wellness center, you can add location-specific service offerings and images to your site. A facial named after the neighborhood is sure to stand out, not to mention give your clients a sense of familiarity. TimeTap simplifies client management, leaving you with more time to focus on delivering top-notch services.

Travel time calculator

Businesses that span multiple locations have to efficiently juggle managing employee schedules and client booking. Being punctual is a top priority for service providers and businesses with mobile teams. TimeTap’s travel time calculator takes the hassle out of coordinating staff movements between locations.

Does your business answer field service calls? Electricians, landscaping teams, and even mobile pet groomers cover lots of miles to service clients. TimeTap’s travel time calculator factors in the travel time between appointments, helping to ensure your team will arrive at every appointment on time. In addition to reducing stress for your staff, this also minimizes the chances of appointments running behind schedule due to tardiness, which can be a major inconvenience for your clients.

When booking appointments, simply input the locations for each appointment and the travel time calculator does the rest. After automatically calculating travel time, the tool will adjust appointment slots accordingly so you can provide accurate appointment windows to your clients. With this feature, you can optimize your staff’s schedules, reduce travel-related mishaps, and provide a consistently reliable service to your clients, no matter where they are.

Two-way calendar sync

Coordinating schedules and bookings across several locations can quickly become a logistical headache. If you add in managing your personal calendar, a well-oiled machine can start malfunctioning fast. TimeTap’s two-way calendar sync protects your schedule from becoming chaotic. This powerful tool synchronizes your calendars across all locations, keeping everyone up to date in real time.

Health practices, from small clinics to chains across the country, rely on tight schedules and clear communication to service everyone in need. With two-way calendar sync, any change made to your calendar at one location instantly reflects in the calendars of all your other branches. Whether it’s a new appointment booking, a rescheduled appointment, or a staff member canceling their appointments due to sickness - your staff at every location is always in the loop.

By updating your team’s calendar in real time, your employees can minimize confusion and scheduling conflicts before they occur. Get even more organized by integrating your TimeTap calendar with iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, or other email providers we support. Seamless coordination sets you (and your team) up for success, even if you’re in different locations.

Automated appointment reminders

In the whirlwind of managing staff and clients across multiple locations, keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge. The easiest way to make sure clients are both aware of and ready for their upcoming appointment is to send an automatic reminder. TimeTap’sautomated remindersaren’t just polite gestures, they are a cornerstone of effective client management.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness trainer with clients scattered across the area or a physical therapist who sees a few patients more regularly. With automated appointment reminders, you can send out timely notifications to your clients about upcoming appointments and include information they need to know. Important details like location, date, and time should be sent to eliminate the risk of clients forgetting their appointment or appointment time.

These automatic messagescan be sent through email, text, or both depending on the client’s preference. By proactively keeping clients informed, you can prevent no-shows, last-minute cancellations, and confusing communication that results in missed appointments. Automated appointment reminders allow clients to easily reschedule if needed. With the ability to reschedule directly through the reminder, your clients will have the flexibility they need while keeping your schedule organized.


TimeTap’s advanced features help business owners manage clients across multiple locations with finesse and ease, making logistical challenges a thing of the past. Your clients will experience the convenience and personalization they deserve, while you enjoy the benefits of automation.

Growing your company with more locations doesn’t have to mean more hours of hard work. With TimeTap, you can let your schedule work for you.

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