Leave Your Best Impression This Semester with Class Management Software

"A teacher's first impression should be their best impression." @tmtap

Leaving the best impression should be every instructor’s first impression. However, sometimes early mornings leave them a little foggy, shaky, and on edge after staying up from the wee hours of the morning trying to prepare for classes. You could just walk that impression right out of the door.

But we’re here to help you do better by cutting down on class prep time. You're probably asking "How is that"? We don’t have all of the answers, but we have one that can certainly help:  save time preparing for classes with class management software. And not just any software--software that automatically creates a class roster for you so that you can easily track attendance. Allow me to show you a small demonstration through a scenario for an introductory Adobe Illustrator class.


It’s the Thursday before the first day of classes, and your class scheduler is all set and ready to go. You check your email first to see if any new students have signed up for your class, and see that there are 7 new students.

Next, you check your class roster in the Back Office to see the list of student names and their information.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 3.49.21 PM.png

You plan to use some of the information that they’ve provided for your ice-breaker activity for Monday to help everyone get to know one another better.

Meanwhile, you also find that you have a little time to put together a checklist that students can use to help assess each other's initial designs.

With the ability to have confirmation emails (and text message reminders) automatically sent to your students (they might thank you for those texts), you’ll have plenty of time on Friday to sit down and plan out your first day.

You can also remind students of the materials that they’ll need in a reminder email:

And set up school holidays on your Calendar in Back Office:

With these easy functions, you’ll have more time on Saturday to go over your materials and prepare yourself for the first class. Let’s fast forward to Monday.


It’s 5:00a.m. - You hit the floor, get yourself together and by 6:00 a.m., and you’re ready to review the day’s schedule.

Prior to class, you be sure to export a copy of the class roster choosing the fields you want to see:

And you're all set to start your day off on a better note.

Give students your first and best impression by using a class scheduling system that allows you take customization to a higher level by customizing email templates, viewing the number of students registered for your class from your calendar, setting up school holidays, and exporting an updated copy of your class roster.

If you're ready to make your first impression your best by having more time to dedicate to lesson planning and delivering your best lecture to students, then head on over to our website to sign up and try out our class management software for free.

We would enjoy hearing about your class success stories! 

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"A teacher's first impression should be their best impression." @tmtap