Recent Releases: Private Invitation Booking

Recent Releases: Private Invitation Booking

TimeTap Team

This month TimeTap has released a new feature that will provide booking access to only those candidates for a position who have received an invitation email from your business.

This feature is incredibly helpful for recruiters who have a specific interview intended for the candidate, like if an interviewee needs to be matched with a specific interview type and recruiter at a specific location.

Use this set up instead of allowing the candidate to make their own selection from the general scheduler page that has multiple recruiters available, or prevent scheduling through a private URL assigned to a single recruiter who may offer several interview types. The interview link that is generated is unique to the selected interviewee or group of interviewees.

Recent Releases: Private Invitation Booking-1

Custom booking URL being created for candidate including interview parameters.

After your client books the interview, you will receive a confirmation email from TimeTap telling you what time and where the appointment has been scheduled. The message they receive includes the client’s email address and the TimeTap URL in case they need to change the appointment details.

For a more in-depth look at the booking by invitation only feature and how to use it, please go to our documentation page here.

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