Introducing Custom Booking Sites

Introducing Custom Booking Sites

TimeTap Team

One of the best way to connect with your customers and keep them engaged while visiting your website is to limit the information they are presented with that is not related to their business interests, and instead focus that website on what they are looking for. If you have a business level account, TimeTap offers you the opportunity to do just this with our Custom Booking Sites!

You can create unique booking sites for specific locations, staff members, and services offered, and any combination thereof, in order to optimize your customer’s shopping experience. And here at TimeTap we allow you to create as many unique booking sites as you want!

So say your business has five locations throughout the US, and you are starting a Pet Training and Grooming advertising campaign targeted on consumers in the area around the Gulf of Mexico. Instead of including the link to your main business website in the new ads, you would want to create a custom booking site that only includes your locations near the Gulf to focus on what is relevant to your intended customers.

And say your business employs ten staff members, one worker along with a trainee in each location; since you are not including all of your locations in the booking site, you would not want to include all of your staff either. With our custom booking sites you can include only the staff members you want.

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Now that you have created a custom booking site for just your locations and staff around the Gulf for your advertising campaign, you will want to customize which of your services get offered. With our custom booking sites, you can choose whether you wish to include all or just a select few of the services you offer. For your Pet Training and Grooming campaign, you would naturally only wish to include relevant services on the custom booking site you create. All you need to do is select the services to be offered from a checklist!

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When you are trying to get new customers and retain your current ones for your business, you definitely do not want to waste their time by making them search through long lists of locations, staff, and services on a bulky website in order to book the appointment they want. Create your own custom booking site today, and then create another one tomorrow, and another the next day-the only limit is your imagination!

For more information visit our help documentation page for set up tips or contact our support team at [email protected].

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