Advantages of Letting Clients Login to Your Web Scheduler

Online scheduling companies are paving the way toward a future where appointment management exists in the background. It will no longer be a receptionist’s full time job to take calls and rearrange appointments.

Some people would say that scheduling software is eliminating opportunities and hurting the number of available jobs for long time assistants and administrators. While it’s true that we are eliminating some of the job responsibilities receptionists used to take on, I like to think with the saved time they get back, they can start to add on work tasks that serve to really grow the business.

In order for this to become a reality, however, scheduling softwares have to get to a point where clients really can be self-sufficient with managing their own appointments.

One of the ways clients are able to maintain that self-sufficiency is by being able to login to a business’s web scheduler so they can manage upcoming appointments, view past appointments, and book new appointments. With TimeTap web scheduler, clients can do all three depending on what your business requires.

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How to Handle Emotional Clients

I generally agree with the theories proposed in Cognitive Therapy. I believe that how we feel or our well-being is at the effect of our emotions which are in turn at the effect of our thoughts. Our thoughts only occur as a result of a stimulus but are often skipped over in people’s self-analysis as to why they are feeling sad or upset.

Meaning, someone cuts you off in traffic and you feel angry. Cognitive therapy would say that the person cutting you off did not make you angry, but rather your thoughts that cutting someone off is a rude thing to do and thus is offensive is what caused you to feel angry.

Thoughts are, in every way, the greatest sense of choice we have (indeed, maybe what we all mean by free will), but sadly...

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How to Create Fantastic Online Support Experiences

Software companies frequently push their reputation for providing fabulous support as a benefit they promote to potential users. As a person who signs into more than 10 software applications in my daily job effort, I've come to appreciate quality support a whole lot. 

My own philosophy for support here at TimeTap is to be kind before anything else. I've found that most users, by no fault of their own, are typically contacting me because they've fallen somewhere along the spectrum of frustration.

Either they can't figure something out or we can't do something they're looking to do. Whichever camp they fall into, I approach it universally by validating their frustration through kind words of reassurance and looking to identify their objectives to see how the software can meet them.

I've known this philosophy for myself but have been interested for some time now about other top level software providers' philosophies. I asked three SaaS companies who I heard about mainly through their crazy-good support to answer some questions about best practices: Batchbook a social CRM for small business, ShopLocket an ecommerce application that makes selling easy anywhere on the web, and Squarespace a web design and hosting platform that uses innovative tools for unlimited artistic expression. 

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Understanding the Eyes with Coley Opticians

For checkAppointments user Nigel Coley getting glasses as an early teenager sparked an interest that lit a path.

Many early teenagers, myself included, get really nervous when the annual eye test rolls around, having to cover the left eye then the right, squinting to read letters that were just a touch too small to make out and, despite it all, still trying to recite the row with confidence.

But, for Mr. Coley, there was an immediate analytical click.

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