Are You Exhausting People With Your Emails?

The day has come folks. I truly didn’t think I’d make it here but I caught myself red handed last week & I just need to fess up.

My confession: I skim long emails.

I know, I know, I know: everybody does it, right?

Well, Lucy Barber didn’t use to.

I use to either not read an email (because I wasn’t interested) or read emails in their entirety (because it made me feel accomplished).

Now, though, I will read just about anything that makes its way to my inbox and will skim just about everything.

The thing is, I finally understand why so many people skim through emails: 75% of what we’re writing is fluff.

Utter, useless, taking up digi-space, your-mama-should-have-told-you FLUFF.

You know you’re not innocent (heck, I’m sure as all get-out a perpetrator of heinous email word-stuffing).

I don’t want to waste more words describing how we got here. Instead, I want to focus on 4 small steps that you can take to shorten your emails so I can go back to feeling accomplished and you can get the crime off your record.

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Educate & Engage Your Clients With Awesome Webinar Slides

We hope you all are off to a productive week thus far! If you missed us last week, we looked at how webinars can help you build new & strengthen your current client relationships. We also provided a brief tutorial on how to add a link to your Google survey to get feedback for one of your services or classes.

This week, though, we’re going to go a step further with creating & building client relationships by showing you how to make awesome slides, so if you’re not exactly great at creating slideshows, allow us to help. We’re also going to look at several things you can add into your webinar slideshows to make them valuable experiences for your clients.

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What Kind of Courage Are You Made of?

Why are we so obsessed with seeing people fall?

From the number of America’s Funniest Home Videos that involve people falling down to the once viral instance of Heather Dorniden falling down in a track meet only to get back up and win, humans are addicted to witnessing struggle.

Most of the time it makes us feel better about ourselves (because at least we didn’t have to suffer the embarrassment) but every now and again, as is the case with Dorniden, it inspires us to do better by ourselves.

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It's a Match! How to Build & Strengthen Client Relationships with Webinars

If you were with us last week, we planned to show you this week how to send a thank-you email to your clients with alink to the Google Survey you've created. Stick with us as we'll show you how after sharing some more helpful client tips! If you're in a hurry though, you can skip down to the bottom and check out our tutorial.

In today's post, we're going to focus on building & strengthening your client relationships.

So, you've been taking appointments online for about a year now and business is going well. You've developed a group of clients who visit your office or work with your staff members on a regular basis; however, you feel like there's something missing.

Evelyn comes in once a month for her hair treatment with us. Daniel has been training with us for the past three months and is very impressed. Victoria is super excited about the updates we've made to her website and can't wait to dive in and arrange her content.

But we've been cruising pretty steady - no significant jumps in business outside of the normal anticipated dates and not very many new clients willing to work with us. How can we build new client relationships and strengthen the ones that we have?

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Productivity Hacks: Unavoidable Daily Responsibilities

The tasks that give me the most anxiety aren’t the tasks that are new or I don’t know how to do or are really big. 

The responsibilities I have that give me that anxious feeling are the things I have to do on a daily basis, and if I forget or can’t get to them I have a sense of guilt that swells up inside me. Such is the case with support tickets.

TimeTap's modus operandi is to make sure everyone gets a response to their support request within 24 hours. 

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