What You Can Learn From Resilient People

This is a post written straight off the back of a series of long, tiring, & (more often than not) frustrating days.

The thing about several long, tiring, frustrating days is your ability to deal with them shrinks as the series drags on. If it is just one long, tiring, & frustrating day then it’s easier to put on a happy face the next day, but when they pile up back to back your patience runs dry.

Ironically, if we don’t put on a happy face, we invite more and more frustrating things to happen to us. Misery loves company, as they say, and if you go around looking miserable (even if it’s completely justified) the world loves to hand you more reasons to be miserable.

Thus, the natural way to respond to a multiple POS days’ is not at all the best way to respond. The natural way is to be grumpy; let everyone know that you are not in the mood. Doing this will only invite criticism from your peers (I can already hear them mumbling “Doesn’t he/she know that everyone has bad days?”) not sympathy.

People who get admiration in this world are the people who can seemingly deal with all kinds of pressure and stress without letting the pressure and stress that affects them leak out and affect the people around them vis-à-vis their mood.

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Taking Advantage of your No Show Appointments

How do you feel when someone doesn’t show up for their appointment?

They have taken up a slot on your calendar, you’ve prepared for the appointment, and then when the time comes, they never show up. While a TimeTap web scheduler has been shown to reduce no shows by up to 99%, there are always a few that slip through the cracks.

Most people’s first response is to get frustrated. Usually we’ll give lip service to the concern that “we hope such-and-such is alright since they couldn’t make it to their appointment,” but we mostly just feel like our time has been squandered.

Last week I had someone schedule a support call for Friday at 6:30pm. The appointment was confirmed but when 6:30 rolled around, they never got on the line. I was pretty ticked off. It was Friday night and I didn’t particularly want to have to stay in the office waiting for the support call. Then when they didn’t get on the call it made me really frustrated that I had waited around at all.

This sense of frustration that we feel when we think people have wasted our time can permeate our outlook for the entire day. Suddenly things that wouldn’t have bothered you before start rubbing you the wrong way.

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Fixes & Tips for Life & Business with Our "Hack My" Series

How many times have we wondered to ourselves, “Is there an easier way that I can do this?” or “I wonder how so-and-so does this?”

Probably countless times, right?

Sometimes, we want to know if there is a more efficient way for us complete a task or carry out a responsibility, and when we’re looking for tips like these that are related to life, we call them “lifehacks”.

Similarly, you may find yourself seeking tips and fixes for your business to make management, productivity, or even communication easier.

And I’m here to tell you today that if you’re able to stick with us for a while, we’ve got a great series coming for you with hacks for your life and business.

Whether you’re seeking tips on how to grow your business and get more appointments or even hack your classroom in getting students to engage and encourage them to take more classes with you, then you’re in for a treat.

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Priority Management When Everything's a High Priority

The most infamous hang up that entrepreneurs and business owners come across is deciding which of their priorities needs their attention here & now. At any given time, you could have 5 big tasks that really need to get done. 2 of those tasks should have been done last week, 2 of them need to be done today, and 1 of them is a long term project that keeps nagging at you.

With so many priorities, all with different time lines & attention requirements, we tend to over-inflate the importance of each. As items on your to-do list come crashing together, you may feel pulled to “not waste time prioritizing” and instead decide to dive, head first, into one of the priorities to get it done.

That’s a fine approach until you get a phone call which distracts you for 15 minutes and reminds you of something else you need to do.

It’s bound to happen. Distraction-free zones are more myth than reality, especially when your cell phone acts as an open gateway to a social world in which you’re always invited, welcomed, & included. An hour later you come back to the task you were diving head first into and have to spend another 10 minutes reacquainting yourself with where you were on it.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this phenomenon or something similar to it. We stress ourselves out just by thinking about the number of different priorities we have but are somehow all too willing to let the rings & dings of our cell phone alerts pull us away from the tasks we’ve set out for ourselves. 

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