Keep All Your Files in One Place!

TimeTap has added the File Library to the list of great features to help keep you on schedule and organized! Located under the Messaging tab, the File Library stores documents, images and other professional material intended for sharing with clients and staff.  

add File Library 2.png

Click the green +Add File/Folder button then "Choose File(s)" to select the files to upload from your computer. Opting in to the Make Files Public option will automatically generate a web based link to the document for use in your email templates.

add file make public.png

After the document has been added to the File Library organize them into designated folders. Notice the two folders below, TimeTap Help Guides and New Client Documents. For reorganizing and relabeling, move files to different folders at any time. 

Now that the files are organized into their specific folders it is time to put these files to use! The next step is to copy the file link and paste it into the desired appointment template(s).

In the File Library all of the files that we marked "Make File Public"  will have a link icon within Actions. The link icon is our ticket to sharing. Clicking on the link icon will automatically copy the link. It's ready to be pasted in an appointment template, invitation template or a personal email to a client.  

copy link.png

In the image above, we have copied the link for the New Client Questionnaire in order to paste that link into the appointment and invitation templates we have created for our new clients.

In this example, the New Appointment by Client template has been cloned and a new template has been tailored specifically for the service Initial Appointment. For a reminder on how to clone appointment templates, click here

To add the copied link to the template, click the edit button in the template section. You can paste the link as is into the template, or hyperlink text from your template as seen in the example below. Hover over your intended text and select the hyperlink icon paste the File Link into URL field. 

hyperlink file into body of template.png

Images can also be uploaded to the File Library and used in templates.  Instead of hyperlinking the URL, click the Insert Image button and paste the link into the Source field.  

The File Library is a great way to keep all of  professional materials in one place and it allows for an easy way to share files with the intended audience. 

If you would like a more in-depth walk through on how to manage and maintain the File Library check out the Help Docs pages.

As always, we are here to help you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support team at 202-753-7351 or write to us at

Recent Releases

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy building out more features just for you! Take a look at a few of our recent updates below. With TimeTap, there’s always more to explore!

If you’d like more info about how you can implement these and other releases in your scheduler, contact us at


Availability Feature Updates

  • Availability View screen now shows resources as well. You can see which resources are available with or without the staff availability and book appointments accordingly.
  • Availability List View allows you to see your booked time slots within a specific date range, separated by day. Take a look at our recent blog post for more info.
  • From Reports, users now have the ability to run a report showing availability of staff and/or how full their schedules are within a date range.



Other Updates

  • Users now able to generate API keys from the back office.
  • Now able to create folders for files within File Library.



For more, visit our release notes pages.


Helpful Tips for Calendar Sync Users

Our TimeTap users have found that the calendar sync option keeps you organized and on top of your daily schedule, allowing you to access your appointment information without having to leave your calendar.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the features. You’ll soon be a pro at the calendar sync!


Update Sync Settings

  • After syncing to an eamil account, add the specific calendars with which you you want to sync. You may want to only download  the “Work” calendar from your account, but leave “Home” details off.
  • Within the Edit details screen, (1)  select which services and classes you want to upload or download, (2) decide to download events with or without details from the external calendar, (3) use email tags to add additional details to the uploaded announcement.






Color Code Synced Events

  • Within the Appointments Filter section choose to display appointments by Status. Color code your Synced or Free Synced appointments, making them easy to see on the Calendar and Availability Views








Get Out of Sync Limbo

  • Make sure you’re only syncing to the same calendar once. Trying to upload and download duplicate info can cause confusion in the system.
  • Test your connection. If inactive, try removing the calendar and re-uploading the details again.
  • Two buttons in your account allow you to reset and re-upload or re-download any information.


For more information about how you can master your Calendar Sync settings, take a look at our documentation pages on the subject.  

Breakdown Your Day-to-Day with TimeTap

TimeTap has developed a feature that helps businesses track where their time is spent each day. This information is shown by using an alternative way to view staff member's availability over a designated timeframe. The Availability List Views gives businesses the opportunity to see day by day what their booked time slots are and what percentage of their staff member's day(s) is booked.

Currently this feature only shows the service percentage booked; it does not take into account class sessions. In other words only service based appointments (one on one) are factored in within the staff's availability. 

To access this new feature go to your Appointments page and click on Availability. In addition to viewing your calendar in  1, 3, 5 or 7 days at a time, now you can access "List View." This view shows your staff's availability in a list format based on the selected date range. 

To access this feature go to Appointments > Availability > List View.

availability view min.png

Next you will choose the date range to see a day to day break down for all of your staff members. On this page you will see the date, the staff member's name, the staff member's service percentage booked and the service times they have available. 

You also have the opportunity to print this page which can be useful for reporting and/or data logging purposes. 

percentage booked.png

For complete documentation on this feature you can visit TimeTap's Help Docs by clicking here

As always we are here to help you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support team at 202-753-7351 or write to us at

Happy Scheduling!

The Benefits of Buffers

While you may have read about or already began using one of TimeTap’s newest features, the ability to utilize travel buffers to best plan your appointments and day, you may not realize that buffers are an all-around useful tool.

buffer break.png writes that buffers in between your tasks optimizes productivity and efficiency by forcing you to take time and not just react in autopilot. While adding another thing to your already busy day may seem like impossible, adding even the smallest buffer may warrant big rewards.

Try adding buffers between vacations, sick days and break as a first step. Getting into the rhythm takes time, acknowledge that and prepare for it. Add a buffer for the inevitable back up while you were gone and dedicate time to tackle that without hindering your normal work flow. This will allow for a faster time to get back up to speed with fewer frustrations.

Also, add some buffers between weekends and weekdays. If you take time to process and plan what needs to be done for the week, you’ll spend less time freaking out on Friday about something you forgot. Same goes for Friday, start jotting down things to do for the upcoming week, it’ll be one less thing to do on your hectic Monday and you’ll already feel ahead of the game.

Buffers are good to take in your professional and personal life, whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour of reflection or preparation (maybe both). If you aren’t seeing the benefit of buffers in your day to day life just yet, try our latest travel time calculations feature with buffers to make sure you get to your appointments on time and feel free to add the personal ones into your schedule later.

You’ll be happy you did!