Productivity Hacks: When Too Many Emotions Keep You From Focusing

Everyone has had those days where you can’t seem to get your mind focused on the task at hand.

Maybe your mind is wandering off to the 10 things you need to do after work. Maybe you’re really bored with the task you’ve been assigned and you can no longer fight the temptation to open Facebook.

While there are an infinite number of things that can be used as the excuse for our distraction, what I want to focus on today is when you’re distracted by an outside emotion that just won’t pass through your body and let you go.

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Productivity Hacks: 8 Ways to Stay Productive When Business is Slow

Sometimes after a booming period of time like the holidays or after an event or program your business might run, there is a slow period.

This is a period when clients might not call as they have been or come in as they normally do. But, this doesn't mean that the additional down time will keep you out - there are many things to do when experiencing a slow period during normal business hours.

So if you are experiencing some down time or predict that you will later on, here are 8 ways you can stay productive.

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6 Types of Marketing Emails to Send to Your Clients

Ever gotten an email from one of your fave companies about a sale or promotion, and you didn't want to miss out because the products and or services are so great? The subject line is catchy and the graphics are awesome, so you head on over to their website to browse their selections or check out the services that are on sale. You can't wait to enjoy your new item once it arrives, or enjoy a certain service that you're glad is on sale.

Email has a way of catching and holding our attention. In fact, email marketing has been proven to be 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to gaining new customers. Additionally, email marketing lands more conversions than social media or even general searching. Therefore, if email has this capability, you can use it to get more appointments, maintain and build client relationships, and even encourage partnerships.

Today we're going to provide you with 6 types of marketing emails that you can send to your clients for those previously mentioned reasons and more. Let's jump right in!

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5 Ways to Meet Your Resolution to Have Better Appointments

It’s January, and we're so frequently reminded to think about what we want to add or subtract from our lives in the year ahead. Not that we can’t do some goal setting every day of the year if we wanted to, but this date in particular has a way of prompting us to get specific.

If one of your resolutions this year is to get more appointments, we’ve written about some handy tricks in the past which may help you get that meeting you’ve been hoping for. We’ve also got some advice below on tools you can use in TimeTap to get more value from every appointment on your calendar.

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