Checklist for Being a Pro Schedule Builder

There are innumerable ways to make a schedule, online and off, and it is usually a laborious process.

First, you have to see if any of your staff have requested time off. Then, you have to see if any of them have any shift preferences. Finally, you sit down in front of a spreadsheet that lays out your open hours with how many shifts you have in each and begin to try to solve the puzzle.

The day the schedule has to be built (and it does take the day) is nobody’s favorite.

Regardless, the schedule has to be made and your team has to know about it. Here is a checklist of things to make sure you have in place in order to have an easy schedule for your employees to work off of:

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Spring Cleaning for Your Workspace (And Your Schedule)

Spring is finally here, and to me there seems to just be this different, more enlivening feeling about this season of the year.

As we know, spring is a time of rejuvenation as the plants bloom out and even some insects come out. Spring is also a time when we take inventory—in our houses, we look at the china and decorations as they sit on our coffee tables or mantles, and some of us wonder, well, do we really need that there? Can I take that down because it’s really just taking up extra space.

We start considering items that are just holding space and may no longer serve a purpose or could be put back for another time.

Some of us also start considering the progress we’ve made at a quarter of the way through the year. Have we achieved at least some if not most the goals we’d set at the beginning of the year, or are we still sitting and waiting for those things to achieve themselves?

As you find yourself taking inventory this spring, we've put together several ways that could help you improve and enliven your work-space as well as some advice on readjusting your schedule to make time for those things that are important.

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5 Do's & Dont's of Managing Your Web Scheduler

Are you hesitant to let your clients book with you online?

Maybe you’re the type of professional who has always handled her own appointments. Giving clients access to book their own feels like you’re giving away too much control.

I can understand that, but it seems to me that the benefits of having a web scheduler far outweigh the costs.

So what is really behind your hesitation? Perhaps it’s a fear that you may get it “wrong”. Like somehow you’ll set up your schedule online and clients will have a hard time navigating it and then they’ll think you’re incompetent. (Highly unlikely, dear brainiac reader, but everyone has irrational fears :-)

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Easy Payments for Your Services with Square

Ahh, the ease and simplicity of digital payments - less papers to sort through and much more ease when keeping track of records.

If your business is already accepting payments with Square, one of the most popular payment portals for appointments, e-commerce businesses, and more, you can easily link your Square account to our online scheduling system to accept payments for your location of choice.

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Setting Expectations to Increase Productivity

My customer number was 666. I’m not superstitious, and in fact, I didn’t even think about the number being a problem until my roommate walked into the waiting room to sit beside me.

“I already got a number,” I told Sydonie as she sat down. I showed her the ticket and pointed to the sign behind the counter that read Now serving: 661.

“Not the luckiest draw,” she said and rested her purse on her lap.

We got lost in talking about our day and before we knew it the sign behind the counter read Now serving: 667.

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