TimeTap User Spotlight - Recruiters

TimeTap and it’s scheduling capabilities work for a variety of industries, from healthcare to education. But this week’s post will be dedicated to the many recruiters that use TimeTap, in an effort to control their busy schedules while trying to find the best talent to further improve their company. Here are a a few tips for them  and how to be most effective using some tips from recruiting.com.

1. Dig Deeper

It’s not all about skills, it’s about what makes a good fit as a whole (including a fit with the company’s culture)! Make sure to plan questions to see past the resume basics and who they are as a whole. You can always establish which characteristics and values successful employees possess and create custom client fields within their individual profiles that can be checked off or annotated based on what you find out during the interview. This way you get all of the information to make a well-informed decision and keep it all in one place.



 2. Nurture your Talent Community

Your talent community may be your most untapped resource. Check in with them periodically to see if they’ve taken on any additional experience or have any new referrals to recommend. One good way to help keep track of these is by utilizing tags, which can be created under a client’s profile. For example, tag candidates with their industry of expertise (i.e. finance, tech) and easily sort out with tags when viewing the client list when you are looking to reach out to a particular group regarding a new position. It takes the work away from having another piece of documentation to track your talent community and saves you time knowing who to reach for what. Visit our help pages on tagging candidates to use this resource. 


3. Track Metrics

The best way to know if what you’re doing is truly giving you desired results is to look at the data to back it up. Tracking your metrics allows you to either amp up what is already working or re-route your original process. Our dashboard offers various pre-built reports to review your appointments and even notice trends (i.e. after changing booking instructions via scheduler or the language in a confirmation email). When taking advantage of that data, you can continue to further improve your technique and process. Take a look a the loads of reports available for analyzing your interview data. 


While these features were pointed out for recruiters, they are just a few of the features industry-wide that can improve your efficiency and success! If you have any questions about how to make these features work for you and your team,  schedule a support call for more information.

New Releases!

Here at TimeTap we are always coming up with new features to make your workweek easier! In the past month we have rolled out some great new updates to streamline your workflow and save you and your customers time.

  • We are making it easier for you to duplicate appointments with the Re-Book button, which allows you to carry over all an appointment’s details and just change the date and time. Take a look at our previous post for more in-depth details on this feature. 

  • We have made the “Client Confirmed” and “Resource” columns on our Appointment lists a selectable filter, enabling you to filter appointment information based on these criteria. 

  • We are allowing users to hide certain Reason Groups from being visible on a client’s scheduler by adding the ability to set Reason Groups to private. For more info on how you can implement Reason Groups in your scheduler, refer to our help docs


For assistance on setting up these and other features in your scheduler, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@timetap.com.

Want additional information on these newly released features? Visit our Release Notes pages to stay up to date. 

The Recipe for your Company’s Success

Many factors go into making an amazing cake - the right equipment, the right ingredients, the right recipe, even. Making your company a success is no different, various factors go into getting it to that place. Here are some tips on how to set yourself up for Success:

Utilize TimeTap’s various integrations

TimeTap works with many platforms you may already be familiar with, including Salesforce and Twilio to name a few. With the ability to bring your various keys to success into one place like TimeTap, it minimizes time spent jumping from one thing to another and makes sure you are always connected on all fronts - no matter where you look.

Get control of your inbox

The importance of keeping up with your emails escapes no business owner. With the proper organization, swift replies without the added stress of endless messages is attainable, according to Fast Company. Their 5 folder rule is a total game changer, making the most of your limited time. Check out the article here and get your folders up and running!

                              Your Email inbox shouldn't resemble anything close to this (and it won't if you do it right).

                             Your Email inbox shouldn't resemble anything close to this (and it won't if you do it right).

Call for backup

The phrase ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ is more than a Pinterest print out, it’s a way of life! Tap on those who can further help with your business’ execution, like the TimeTap team. Available via messenger, support line or booked conference calls (if you’re more of a planner), ask what features you could be using that would boost your team’s performance. You have multiple tools at your disposal, you can always ask how to best use them.

Every company is different, but the keys to making it a successful one stay the same throughout. Now, take these tips and run with them - your company’s success depends on it!

Re-Booking with Ease!

Are your clients creatures of habit and like to schedule the same appointment over and over again? TimeTap has implemented a new feature where instead of toggling between an existing appointment and trying to replicate it as a new appointment, you can now clone that appointment with just a click of a button.

TimeTap has added the Re-Book button which gives your clients the opportunity to clone an appointment and set the new date for you client. Both appointment fields and custom fields will be transferred to the new appointment when the Re-Book button is used including Location, Staff, Service & Class, Client along with other appointment fields that were added under the Client Information settings.  

View the slides below to see the progression of the Re-Book feature:

The Re-Book button is located in three place in the back office: 

1. The Appointment Detail Page - while in the calendar view, double click on an appointment to open the appointment detail page. On this page you will see the options to Add Appointment, Add Time Off or Re-Book. Click the grey Re-Book button to duplicate the appointment you chose:

Appt detail Rebook.png

2. Appointment Lists - Under the appointment list view you will see the Re-Book button has been added to the actions column next to each appointment. To choose your appointment to duplicate, you can select your date range and the status of the appointment (waitlist, pending, open, completed, cancelled, etc). 

rebook appt list.png

3. The Client Profile - The third option to re-book an appointment is through the clients profile. You will click on clients at the top of your screen and from the client portal search and select the client's name. In the example below we click client profile for Ellen Doe. Once we are on Ellen's profile we will click on appointments and we will see all of her past, present and future appointments. From here we will click Re-Book next to the appointment we want to duplicate and create a future appointment. 

client profile rebook.png

With just a click, the new Re-Book feature allows you to quickly copy the same appointment for a client and book it for a new date.  This feature is perfect for those clients who want to book as they are walking out the door with the "same time next week" attitude. 

Take the extra steps out of your appointment process by clicking Re-Book and watch your calendar grow!  

For further documentation on the Re-Book feature please check out our help docs by clicking here.

As always, we are here to help you become a scheduling genius. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support team at 202-753-7351 or write to us at support@timetap.com

Happy Scheduling!

TimeTap Receives Top Reviews on G2Crowd

Our goal at TimeTap is to make your life a little easier... and it shows.

 TimeTap ranked top Online Appointment Scheduling Software

TimeTap ranked top Online Appointment Scheduling Software

A recent series of reports distributed by G2Crowd, the world’s leading business solution platform, names TimeTap as a leading appointment scheduling site this quarter (Spring 2018).  

We have been ranked as a Top 5 Online Appointment Scheduling Software platform. Also included in the reports are top rankings for Usability, Implementation, Relationships, and Small-Business use. These reports are based on ratings by business professionals. TimeTap received ten or more reviews and five responses in each category related question to qualify for inclusion in these indices.

It’s our pleasure to support great businesses. Thank you for showing your support of us as well.

Learn more about what real users have to say (or leave your own review of TimeTap) on our G2 Crowd review page.