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How to Add Zoom Video Conferencing for Virtual Appointments

Charlie Bedell

Today’s clients expect to be able to meet with you virtually, giving them flexibility to engage your services on a busy schedule. Offering virtual appointments helps drive growth for your business but it can mean more administrative work for you and your team.

TimeTap makes scheduling virtual conferences easy by integrating with Zoom. Add a Zoom meetings option directly to your schedule and let TimeTap set up and send your conference links to clients for you.

Why offer a Zoom meeting option

There are many reasons it’s important for businesses to offer Zoom conferences such as:

  • A more flexible and convenient way of communication
  • Personalized customer service
  • An expanded reach to potential clients who may not be able to visit a physical location
  • Less time and money spent on meetings
  • More productive and efficient interactions

By using Zoom conferencing, businesses can create a more personal and engaging experience for their clients which helps to build trust and loyalty. It’s a smart and effective way for your business to improve communication, grow relationships, and increase its impact.

How to sync with Zoom

TimeTap's integration helps you add Zoom meetings to your schedule with a few simple steps.

In TimeTap’s system, virtual meetings are considered a location. To add a new location, navigate to the Locations section under your Settings menu and click Add New Location.

Once in the new location’s profile, enter the name of the location, such as “Virtual Conference” or “Zoom Meeting.” Then, ensure that the location type is set to Virtual Location.

Then, enter “Zoom” as your Virtual Meeting Type, and enter the Zoom meeting room URL and ID. Click Save. Make sure to create an automated custom reminder message that includes your meeting details. Now, clients can access their appointment by simply clicking a link.

meeting confirmation

When adding new appointment times to your schedule, you can assign this new virtual meeting location as the appointments’ location.

Read our helpful FAQ for step-by-step instructions on adding Zoom conferencing to your schedule.It’s easy to get started and you’ll discover many benefits for your business.

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