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TimeTap Tool Tip: Integrations

Starr Campbell

Effective appointment booking is a core part of customer experience for any organization, especially healthcare and technology companies with complex needs. Often, these businesses need to sync different software to streamline processes and keep information consistent across various apps.

TimeTap’s Open RESTful API allows businesses to seamlessly integrate with other software solutions. Since most of our API functions are automated, you don’t need to be a technology expert to get started!

What is an Open RESTful API?

An ‘Application Programming Interface’ is a set of rules and instructions that enables different software applications to communicate with each other. TimeTap’s API uses RESTful architecture and JSON objects to control your scheduling process. Customers with a Business or Enterprise-level TimeTap account will receive a private API key that can be used to retrieve or update information.

Benefits of an Open API Key

Using TimeTap’s API makes it easy to share information between apps, which saves valuable time and money when running a business. You can increase functionality, adapt to changing needs faster, and have a more integrated user experience.

Scaling becomes less complicated when you can easily add to your tech stack. Choosing the right software to integrate can result in unique solutions that clients can’t find elsewhere, giving your company a one-up on the competition.

Integrating TimeTap with Other Software

TimeTap’s extensive appointment scheduling features become even more flexible when integrated with other software solutions. You can use our API to accomplish specific tasks, enhance productivity, analyze data, trigger automations, and much more.

A few of our most popular integrations include:

  • LumaPay – Our secure payment platform makes it easy to check out clients and process payments for your business.
  • Salesforce - Connect your CRM to TimeTap and add widgets to schedule an appointment directly from Salesforce.
  • Twilio - Receive a dedicated text messaging number for your account so clients will receive notifications from the same number.

Custom Integrations

In addition to our standard integrations, organizations can also use TimeTap’s open API key to build custom integrations. Now, businesses can tailor their booking software to a particular need or requirement. For example, unlike Calendly, TimeTap allows users to schedule appointments using the API by simply making a call.

Getting Started with TimeTap’s API

To use TimeTap’s API and increase productivity with integration, you first need a Business-or Enterprise-level TimeTap account. From there, you’ll receive a public and private API key. Learn more about how to configure integrations or reach out to support.


There’s always more work to do, and the best way to manage time in a world with advanced technology is to utilize it. TimeTap’s integrations give business owners the opportunity to streamline processes, save time, and improve the customer experience without adding more to their plate.

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