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Get Better Insights with Custom Reports

Starr Campbell

Using your own data to identify where your business can improve is standard practice for any organization. Still, some find running reports a low priority. If there isn’t an automated solution in place, the process to gather and download information into an organized report can be tedious. Though reports present you with clear details and analysis of business functions, it’s up to you to leverage them in order to meet your goals. SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner once said, “Business reporting is not dealing with objects, it is dealing with the relationship between objects.”

TimeTap’s reports feature helps businesses detect booking patterns, view data segmented by location, and track revenue. Companies can run automated reports available for download in their dashboard. Included in every plan level, our reports feature makes keeping records easy. Whether you want to check how many no-show appointments you had during one quarter or pull your client list, it only takes a few clicks.

A few helpful report types:

  • View staff availability and appointment coverage
  • Review outstanding invoices for accounting purposes
  • See how many appointments are booked for each staff member or location
  • Tally the number of appointments by service type
  • Note the number of cancelled appointments per month

Choose your report type

To get started, choose the Reports menu under your Dashboard tab. Here, you can narrow down the type of report you need.

Each report has multiple options for pulling data. If you’re looking for an overview of your invoices, you can choose Invoice Report, Invoice Item Report, or Total Hours and Revenue by reason. This allows you to have a more detailed understanding of your invoices and profit.

You can also use reports to gauge the success of a promo or special you’re running. Create an email campaign with our automated messaging feature and entice clients with a coupon for their next service. After the special is over, run a Coupon Report and check how many appointments were scheduled with a coupon.


Generate, import or export your report

You can download your report if you prefer to have a copy for your records. Make sure you’re under the correct report tab and choose the type of report. Next, navigate to the right side of the reports screen. Select the dates that you’d like to see information pulled from. Click the Generate button and allow your report to load. After choosing your format (PDF, XLS, XLSX) click the download button and wait.

Additionally, you can export data, such as client lists, into third-party applications or your company CRM. If you have custom export needs for reports, our API gives you the capability to seamlessly transfer data.

With our reporting tools, you can also generate data and compare month to month to note performance trends. Need to generate class rosters or mailing lists? Our reports tools will compile the information.

Set up automated reporting

Need a specific report that our system doesn’t offer? Business plan subscribers have access to custom automated reports. The My Report Runner feature makes reporting more personalized and supports businesses in gathering information for multiple locations, staff, and services.

You can choose which parameters to include on the Reports Details screen. Your choices will reflect on the Build Report page, where you can choose which fields to include in your report.

TimeTap makes it easy to take control of your office’s reports without taking time from your staff’s day or involving third-party services. Interested in customizable reports for a fast-growing business?

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