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Common TimeTap Questions We’ve Answered for You

Starr Campbell

The journey to success with TimeTap starts with questions - most of which other business owners have also asked. Our extensive feature list helps automate a number of front office tasks, helping businesses save time and money. These automations not only streamline appointment scheduling, but also scheduling related tasks.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the commonly asked questions from our customers. For more information about our software, read through our FAQ or see the guides in our Help Center.

What is TimeTap?

TimeTap is an online appointment scheduling software. Our software is unique in that we offer a number of more advanced features that most appointment scheduling solutions don’t offer. Our software is more than just a booking tool. You can use our payments platform, LumaPay, to securely complete transactions, keep an updated database of clients with our simple CRM or send custom email campaigns

Other booking platforms may have been suitable at one point for a small business, but as scheduling needs grow in complexity, a more feature rich tool is necessary. While our software can certainly be used by small businesses, we offer several features that many larger organizations need – including API integration and the ability to tier multiple accounts under one masteraccount. For this reason, many larger organizations with complex scheduling needs trust TimeTap.

What if I only need an account for a few months out of the year?

We offer monthly and annual subscription options. Some companies experience a high volume of clients during certain periods of the year, as well as an “off season.” Tax professionals, course instructors or even lawn care businesses don’t need our software year round, but they still want their accounts to be accessible for when business picks back up.

We offer a hibernate feature so that you don’t lose your account settings and information, but you also don’t get charged while the account is in hibernate mode. You can set this up within your account dashboard. You can choose when you want the account to re-activate and you will receive instructions on how to reactivate it at that point in time.

How much do your plans cost? What are the differences in plans?

TimeTap plans begin at $22.45 per month. We have a number of plan options that vary in pricing, depending on what features you need and the number of staff/locations you want to support. After receiving a demo or completing your free trial, the next step is to choose one of our plans.

Professional plan subscribers have access to many features, such as customized booking forms, 2-way calendar sync, and payment processing.

The Business plan gives you access to more features. In addition to what you’re able to do with professional plans, business subscribers have the opportunity to further personalize their account and become more efficient. Here are just a few tools that you can use with a business plan:

If you need a booking software that’s tailored to your business, our Enterprise plan is the best choice. TimeTap integrates easily with other platforms and is fully configurable, which makes it customized to fit your scheduling needs.

How will my clients book appointments?

Clients can book appointments by using your booking site. In your account dashboard, you will be prompted to create and customize a landing page. You can customize the URL for your scheduling site– making it easy to share with clients. Our online scheduler is mobile-friendly so clients can book from a smartphone or tablet.

If you have your own website and prefer to direct all traffic there, you can embed the scheduler on your site.

I’m moving to TimeTap from another software. Do you offer data upload?

Yes! Your appointments and data that pre-date TimeTap can be imported with the help of our support team. Once you contact support, you’ll be walked through the process of recovering and importing your data with our team taking the lead.

What kind of security does your site offer?

We take security and privacy very seriously. We follow all processes to comply with HIPAA, GDPR and PCI standards.We store our servers and data at Amazon. We do not delete any data and intend to retain data for at least 7 years.

We get our servers scanned regularly for vulnerability. We take full backups hourly and store them at a remote location. We store the backups online on more expensive hard drives than offline media since they tend to be more reliable.

What is the difference between services and classes?

Services are one-on-one appointments. When you are setting up a service, you define how long an appointment for the service will last, which will then break down your staff member’s availability into equal time slots. You can also set up automatic buffer times between appointments, if you prefer. Clients can choose from a list of available dates and time. This might include professional services or job services, such as furnace inspections.

Classes are group-based appointments which allow you to define a max capacity for how many clients can book into the same time slot. When you add a class in your account, be sure to enter meeting dates. Classes are fixed times. Unlike services, classes occur at fixed times that you’ve chosen to offer the class. Whether you are scheduling training, seminars or teaching a skill, our system makes it easy to book classes. You can even attach our payment feature to collect registration fees from participants.

We hope these answers help address some of your questions. If you have more questions, our support team will be happy to help.

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