TimeTap Recent Updates

A couple new features have been rolled out in the past few weeks.



You can now add multiple languages to the client scheduler allowing your customers to engage with your booking flow. After adding the translation options on the back office settings (Settings > Translations), the scheduler will display to the customer based on their browser’s language settings.

This is a TimeTap Business Level feature. Please review our help doc on Translations for more information.

Default Calendar Sync Settings

When adding multiple staff on an account, sometimes you want to decide how the calendar sync will be enabled for each team member. Now, an account owner can standardize the sync options for all staff. Streamlining features like uploading or downloading details and adding email tags to appointment details predetermines the external sync settings for any staff on the account who syncs a calendar.


If you’re an account owner, go to Settings > Integrations for more details.

Contact us at support@timetap.com for more info on these or other settings.