and TimeTap

Here at TimeTap we are always looking for more ways to help make your lives easier, and sometimes that means finding other companies to collaborate with. (say it with me: “doc-see-me”) is a prime example of this, and we are partnering with them to save you money.


Claiming that they are out to change telemedicine, offers a simple and convenient means for clinicians to connect with their patients remotely. Their app provides doctors with personal URLs to be given out to their patients, and once a patient clicks on a link he or she is welcomed into a customizable, private waiting room where they can await their doctor’s next convenience. does not offer a way for patients to schedule appointments with their doctors, however, and this is where TimeTap comes in. Our first-class scheduling system makes the perfect complement to their virtual waiting room, and in recognition of this we are offering a 10% discount to all you subscribers. To activate, you just have to contact and mention the discount, so make sure to sign up now!