Mix and Match with TimeTap's Custom Booking Sites

Have you ever wanted to choose what your online scheduler shows in terms of your locations, services/classes and staff? We are excited to say that we have answered the call for this request and now offer for our business level accounts the option to create Custom Booking Sites. 

For those users who have been displaying their schedulers to customers based on the private URLS for a location, staff or service, you now have the option to mix and match to create your own customized booking site.  This feature allows you to put any combination of location(s), staff(s) and services/classes together on one scheduler.

In our example below we are going to create a booking site that is focused towards our new clients and the services we offer them. 

To set up your custom booking sites you will go to Settings > Custom Booking Sites and Click the green Add New Booking Site button: 


Once you click the Add New Booking Site button you will be taken to the Add New Booking Site screen where you will name your booking site and set the parameters for the locations, staff and services to include. 

First, we have titled the internal name "First Time Client Scheduler" for the staff's use only and created a webhandle. We then selected that this custom site will include all locations. The staff that sees our new clients will be Admin 3 and Admin 2. Finally, we chose only our new client services, "Consult" and "Initial Appointment" to display in this site. 


Now that you have saved your new booking site you will be automatically taken to its profile page. From here you can further your customizations and alter the look and flow of your online scheduler. 


On the profile page you will click on "Customizations" to choose the panel flow for the specific booking site. You change alter the Welcome Message your clients see or choose to skip the Welcome Message all together. 

We have chosen to have the new client choose their location first, staff members second and finally choose their service/class from the online scheduler. You can also see below that we have altered the welcome message and tailored it specifically to our new clients. 


After you click Save within Customizations your new booking site is ready to go!  It is now time to take your new custom booking site for a spin! Click on the webhandle in the custom booking site profile and you will be able to see what you have built: 

For complete documentation on how to set up your Custom Booking Sites click here. And as always let us know if you have any questions regarding this feature or your set up. 

Happy Scheduling!