IP Address Based Restrictions

Some shop owners may only need staff to login to TimeTap during business hours. If you would like to restrict back office access to only the business location, access your account Integrations page to put this feature in place.

Currently available for Business Level users, let's walk through how to get this set up.

Once at the business location, login to your TimeTap account. Go to Settings > Integrations > Restrict Login by IP Address. 


Find your business’ IP Address here: https://www.timetap.com/businessWeb/checkIP.do. The number that populates is the IP Address. Enter that number in the field.

If you aren’t able to access the IP Address, contact your internet provider. Save the settings. You can also add multiple IP addresses for each business location.

If you ever wish to disconnect the existing setup, simply select 'Disconnect' for it to be removed.

For questions about the set up, please visit our documentation page or reach out to support@timetap.com.