TimeTap User Spotlight - Recruiters

TimeTap and it’s scheduling capabilities work for a variety of industries, from healthcare to education. But this week’s post will be dedicated to the many recruiters that use TimeTap, in an effort to control their busy schedules while trying to find the best talent to further improve their company. Here are a a few tips for them  and how to be most effective using some tips from recruiting.com.

1. Dig Deeper

It’s not all about skills, it’s about what makes a good fit as a whole (including a fit with the company’s culture)! Make sure to plan questions to see past the resume basics and who they are as a whole. You can always establish which characteristics and values successful employees possess and create custom client fields within their individual profiles that can be checked off or annotated based on what you find out during the interview. This way you get all of the information to make a well-informed decision and keep it all in one place.



 2. Nurture your Talent Community

Your talent community may be your most untapped resource. Check in with them periodically to see if they’ve taken on any additional experience or have any new referrals to recommend. One good way to help keep track of these is by utilizing tags, which can be created under a client’s profile. For example, tag candidates with their industry of expertise (i.e. finance, tech) and easily sort out with tags when viewing the client list when you are looking to reach out to a particular group regarding a new position. It takes the work away from having another piece of documentation to track your talent community and saves you time knowing who to reach for what. Visit our help pages on tagging candidates to use this resource. 


3. Track Metrics

The best way to know if what you’re doing is truly giving you desired results is to look at the data to back it up. Tracking your metrics allows you to either amp up what is already working or re-route your original process. Our dashboard offers various pre-built reports to review your appointments and even notice trends (i.e. after changing booking instructions via scheduler or the language in a confirmation email). When taking advantage of that data, you can continue to further improve your technique and process. Take a look a the loads of reports available for analyzing your interview data. 


While these features were pointed out for recruiters, they are just a few of the features industry-wide that can improve your efficiency and success! If you have any questions about how to make these features work for you and your team,  schedule a support call for more information.