The Recipe for your Company’s Success

Many factors go into making an amazing cake - the right equipment, the right ingredients, the right recipe, even. Making your company a success is no different, various factors go into getting it to that place. Here are some tips on how to set yourself up for Success:

Utilize TimeTap’s various integrations

TimeTap works with many platforms you may already be familiar with, including Salesforce and Twilio to name a few. With the ability to bring your various keys to success into one place like TimeTap, it minimizes time spent jumping from one thing to another and makes sure you are always connected on all fronts - no matter where you look.

Get control of your inbox

The importance of keeping up with your emails escapes no business owner. With the proper organization, swift replies without the added stress of endless messages is attainable, according to Fast Company. Their 5 folder rule is a total game changer, making the most of your limited time. Check out the article here and get your folders up and running!

                             Your Email inbox shouldn't resemble anything close to this (and it won't if you do it right).

                             Your Email inbox shouldn't resemble anything close to this (and it won't if you do it right).

Call for backup

The phrase ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ is more than a Pinterest print out, it’s a way of life! Tap on those who can further help with your business’ execution, like the TimeTap team. Available via messenger, support line or booked conference calls (if you’re more of a planner), ask what features you could be using that would boost your team’s performance. You have multiple tools at your disposal, you can always ask how to best use them.

Every company is different, but the keys to making it a successful one stay the same throughout. Now, take these tips and run with them - your company’s success depends on it!