Helpful Tips for Calendar Sync Users

Our TimeTap users have found that the calendar sync option keeps you organized and on top of your daily schedule, allowing you to access your appointment information without having to leave your calendar.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the features. You’ll soon be a pro at the calendar sync!


Update Sync Settings

  • After syncing to an eamil account, add the specific calendars with which you you want to sync. You may want to only download  the “Work” calendar from your account, but leave “Home” details off.
  • Within the Edit details screen, (1)  select which services and classes you want to upload or download, (2) decide to download events with or without details from the external calendar, (3) use email tags to add additional details to the uploaded announcement.






Color Code Synced Events

  • Within the Appointments Filter section choose to display appointments by Status. Color code your Synced or Free Synced appointments, making them easy to see on the Calendar and Availability Views








Get Out of Sync Limbo

  • Make sure you’re only syncing to the same calendar once. Trying to upload and download duplicate info can cause confusion in the system.
  • Test your connection. If inactive, try removing the calendar and re-uploading the details again.
  • Two buttons in your account allow you to reset and re-upload or re-download any information.


For more information about how you can master your Calendar Sync settings, take a look at our documentation pages on the subject.