The Benefits of Buffers

While you may have read about or already began using one of TimeTap’s newest features, the ability to utilize travel buffers to best plan your appointments and day, you may not realize that buffers are an all-around useful tool.

buffer break.png writes that buffers in between your tasks optimizes productivity and efficiency by forcing you to take time and not just react in autopilot. While adding another thing to your already busy day may seem like impossible, adding even the smallest buffer may warrant big rewards.

Try adding buffers between vacations, sick days and break as a first step. Getting into the rhythm takes time, acknowledge that and prepare for it. Add a buffer for the inevitable back up while you were gone and dedicate time to tackle that without hindering your normal work flow. This will allow for a faster time to get back up to speed with fewer frustrations.

Also, add some buffers between weekends and weekdays. If you take time to process and plan what needs to be done for the week, you’ll spend less time freaking out on Friday about something you forgot. Same goes for Friday, start jotting down things to do for the upcoming week, it’ll be one less thing to do on your hectic Monday and you’ll already feel ahead of the game.

Buffers are good to take in your professional and personal life, whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour of reflection or preparation (maybe both). If you aren’t seeing the benefit of buffers in your day to day life just yet, try our latest travel time calculations feature with buffers to make sure you get to your appointments on time and feel free to add the personal ones into your schedule later.

You’ll be happy you did!