Recent System Updates

Ever feel like you need to squeeze another 5-10 minutes after arriving at the office before the meeting actually begins? TimeTap has recently added a buffer feature to locations that will Calculate Your Travel Times before your next meeting is booked. If you’re traveling from one office to the next but need to account for walking from the bus stop to your office, elevator rides, or parking decks, adding inbound and outbound buffer times allow you to get into the office or client’s location without the added stress.

Additionally, our Google Maps integration will account for these buffer times and update the next available appointment time slot based on the location you will be leaving from and the next location where you will arrive.  In addition to having a general buffer time between appointments, this new feature allows you and your clients to book your next appointment start time with near precision, cutting down on lost time. 

A few more of TimeTap’s recent system updates focus within Business Level accounts.

  • Message Triggers - Send custom messages to clients or staff notifying them if there have been any changes to the appointments or classes. 
  • API Keys - Generate your own API key from your account. Go to Settings > Integrations to access your own API key. 
  • Restrict login based on IP Address - Restrict staff with security level “User” from having access to the login page unless they are within that specific IP address.

For more updates on Calculating Travel Times or any of these updates, visit our documentation pages.