Introducing Recall Campaigns

TimeTap is kicking off the new year by adding a great new feature called Recall Campaigns. TimeTap users now have the opportunity to have reminder notifications automatically set for their clients to book a follow up appointment based on their initial appointment/visit. The corresponding appointments often need to occur within a specific time frame. Since most follow up appointments are time sensitive, the recall campaign allows you to choose when and how many reminder messages are sent as well as a Goal Date, the ideal date that you would like the client to have the follow up appointment scheduled.

If a client books a dentist appointment and the office wants that client to book a follow up appointment 6 months from that cleaning, the recall campaign will send the client a series of reminders to prompt them to book a follow up appointment at the 6 month mark.  

Create Recall Campaign

Recall Campaign contain a messaging feature with customizable templates. To make changes to these templates you will go to Messaging > Appointment Templates > Recall Email Template or Recall Text Message Template. 

Once you have approved of your Recall Message Templates, set up your Recall Campaign(s) by visiting Messaging > Recall Campaigns.

image 1 for recall.png

On the Recall Campaign page click the Add New button you will then be taken to the campaign screen where you will pick which service or class you want to pair with a follow up appointment as well as the Drip Messages you wish to send, reminding the client to book their next appointment at the Goal Date. 

Overview and Drip Message.png
Drip message.png

Tracking Messages

Recall Campaigns also enable you to track your campaign and see which clients are nearing their goal date for their follow up appointment and which clients have already booked. In the example below I made a goal for the clients to have their follow up appointment 6 months after their initial appointments. As you can see the Campaign Recipients table will give you the details of the client, date of initial appointment, the recall goal date, their status and you are able to view the initial appointment information.

campaign recips.png

Once the client receives their recall message(s) and books their follow up appointment their status will go from open to closed.

The Recall Campaign is a great time saving featuring that will allow businesses to set up multiple reminders for their clients to book follow up or additional appointments in the future without having to bat an eye. By utilizing this feature on your account you can book one appointment for a client and ensure the future booking prompts are taken care of.

More Info

You can find step-by-step documentation on how to correctly set up a Recall Campaign in our TimeTap Help Documentation pages. 

If you have any questions about the use or setup of the Recall Campaign feature, let us know at