Increasing Client Retention

In a time where everything is an advertisement and not even your social media snooping is without an ad, it is easy to see how many options there are nowadays when it comes to services and offerings. Any good business owner knows that repeat clients are a primary component of a successful business, so read some tips below on how to keep them coming back to you and not getting drawn to your competitors in between visits -

1. Surprise Them

You know that barista who always remembers your name? Of course you do, because when someone goes out of their way to do something out of the ordinary, you feel good and will most likely tell others about it. Things like this, or sending them a gift or promotional offer on their birthday will make you especially memorable. Also, reward them for coming back with loyalty discounts and programs.

2. Stay in Touch

You already know how useful TimeTap can be for keeping your clients appointments in check, but now with our new Recall Campaigns feature - you can reach out to them automatically after they've visited you. Recall campaigns offer the opportunity to have reminder notifications automatically set for your clients to book a follow up appointment based on their initial appointment/visit. You set the initial parameters and they go out automatically - which keeps you at the forefront of their mind and also gives you time to focus on something else to further improve your business.

             Utilizing the right components, you'll have happy clients returning with half the effort

             Utilizing the right components, you'll have happy clients returning with half the effort

3. Study up

Regardless of the industry you're in, things change and they change quickly. If you continue to hone and improve your offerings, you are going to always seem like a fresh and relevant service to clients - which even though they're a return customer, it'll feel like a new experience every time. Also, when you make any change or update - let them know! It is another excuse to reach out and get in contact with them.

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