Productivity Challenge Week 2 - No, Not Again: Missed Opportunities

We're so glad you're back for Week 2! We hope your week is off to a great start. 

If you were with us last week, we started taking steps to adding some sanity to your business' hectic schedule. We hope that you've already set up your account and completed the actionable steps for the first week. This week, we're going to talk about missed opportunities. No, not necessarily when you've ordered lunch from your favorite place and then you get a text message with a coupon or deal for that day.

Ah, we know that's a letdown, but we want to focus on missed business opportunities.

Productivity Challenge Week 2 - Missed Opportunities

Productivity Challenge Week 2 - Missed Opportunities

Let's say that your business is running progressively well - clients are coming in, and they are leaving satisfied. Then you might be wondering, well, how is it that I could be missing out on business opportunities? The answer lies within your routine.

How much time do you spend on call-backs and email responses? How often are you playing phone tag?

Let's say that most days when your office closes, there are clients who call wanting to schedule an appointment, but they're unable to because it's after business hours. So that's when they leave a message. And sometimes, if the next day is busy, you may not respond to a client email as soon as you get into the office but may delay that for the afternoon which pushes back on the client's request - thus possibly leading them to seek other service providers.

So you see how these instances - missed opportunities - can add up, yet they can be turned into booked appointments or scheduled classes with the help of online scheduling taking care of after-hour appointment needs and decreasing the need for client phone calls with questions about staff schedules, rescheduling, and even cancellation.

So do a little inventory on the time that you spend handling these requests, and if you notice the door for improvement is there, let's step right on through it with this week's actionable steps to help you help your clients.

Actionable Steps for Week 2 

Let's make the most of your time for the opportunity of a client referral reaching your ears, for the opportunity of the client who works beyond your business' hours, and for the opportunity of the student seeking your help to develop a new skill.

Here's what you can do this week:


1. The gift of sharing

So you already have your TimeTap account and web scheduler - now let's let everyone know that appointments are available simply by them visiting your mini website. Share your mini website's web address by email to your clients - this can be done if you're already using an email marketing service like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, ConvertKit, and more. All you'll need to do is copy and paste your web address which can be found in BackOffice by going to "Settings" > "Mini Website Design". 

Send your online scheduler's web address to clients

Send your online scheduler's web address to clients

Additionally, if you would rather be able to send mass marketing emails to your clients, you could also use our BackOffice as well. You would just need to upgrade your account to TimeTap Professional or Business if you are using the Starter plan. This would allow you to easily send out marketing emails to your clients and customize those emails to suit your brand's voice. We have more information on sending this type of email to your clients here.


2. Anyhow, let's book now

Remember the "Easy" button? At times I think we wish there was one for certain moments in life, but online booking with your business can be easy - just add a "Book Now" button to your website.

Add a "Book Now" button your website

Add a "Book Now" button your website

To do this, in BackOffice, go to "Settings" > "Scheduler Rules & Logic", and under "Embed Options", you'll see the option to add a "Book Now" button. If you'd rather clients to be able to walk through the booking process directly on your website, you could also embed a web scheduler which is found under this same panel. More of a visual person? Check out our guide on how to do this here.


3. For our Go-Getters, Facebook is calling!

Will you answer? Yes, there are people who while on Facebook would like to be able to visit your business' page and book an appointment there. There have been several times when I have visited a business' Facebook page searching for their services and to see if they take appointments through social.

So, if you're ready to take booking up a notch, follow this link to learn how you can set up scheduling on Facebook

Add a web scheduler to your Facebook page

Add a web scheduler to your Facebook page

So now you have several strategies to help you stop playing phone or email tag.

And convert those missed opportunities into booked appointments or filled classes. Let us know how you're coming along with the challenge - we'd love to hear from you. You can tell us in the comments box below or give us a shout-out on social. 

Psst, as a sneak peak of Week 3...

Do clients tend to cancel their appointments at the last minute with you? Or are your clients simply not showing up? This can negatively affect your business through lost time and revenue - stay tuned for next week's steps.