Productivity Challenge Week 5 - It’s There & Then It’s Gone

Still alive? It’s Week 5 – Woo!

We’re on a roll people – hopefully you’ve been putting those applicable steps into practice and have reaped the benefits already. If so, we’d love to hear from you and feature your business on our blog. Check out last week’s post to find out how to get in touch with us.

This week, we’re going to talk about attention spans for just a few minutes. Do you know how easy it is to get distracted these days whether that’s while driving, sitting in class, eating lunch, and oh there’s a squirrel…

Okay, okay, very dramatic I know, but it’s true. Science has even proven how our attention spans are worse than goldfish; we might give someone 8 seconds, and then we’ve moved on to something else if they don’t hold our attention.

That really shows how things have changed with this day and age given that technology is a large part of our daily lives. I guess somewhat interesting news is that we can multi-task better? That could and could not be a good thing, but let’s shift back to attention spans.

As today’s title indicates, information that might be pertinent to us could land and stick on the forefront of our brains (well, minds) and then it could go away. Imagine one of your clients booking an appointment with you through your web scheduler two weeks in advance. It’s up to them to be sure to mark down their appointment date, time, and other information.

And if they don’t mark this information down and forget, they may not:

  • Show up for the appointment
  • Arrive for the appointment on time

And that in turn:

By now, you can see how important it is to make sure that your clients remember they’ve scheduled an appointment with you, even if that comes in the form of automatic email or text message reminders.

It’s essential because even I can sign up for a webinar or session and forget to add the date and time to my Google Calendar. When the day comes, I’m absent, and then I get an email about missing the event (sometimes there’s a playback :-).

But a missed appointment = wasted time and revenue, so let’s take the following steps below this week to help ensure that your clients don’t miss a beat.

Actionable Steps for Week 5

1. Adjust automatic email reminders if needed

With our online scheduling system, whenever a client books an appointment with you, or a staff member sets up an appointment in BackOffice, automatically there will be an email reminder sent out 24 hours prior to an appointment. However, you might wish to send out an email reminder two days ahead of an appointment or sooner than 24 hours - that's totally up to you, and you can adjust this setting by following our guide here

Adjust automatic email reminders if needed

Adjust automatic email reminders if needed

2. For Go-Getters - Set up automatic text message reminders

Automatic text message reminders are the next step up; your clients are probably on their phones pretty often throughout the day, and by having our system send a text message reminder, it's more likely to get checked faster than their inbox if their phone is handy. Although this feature is available for TimeTap Professional and Business Plan users, you should definitely give it try by finishing out your free trial on one of those plans. To finish your free trial on a Professional or Business plan, follow our tutorial here.

Set up text message reminders

Set up text message reminders

There's only 1 more week left...

We're down to the end of our Productivity Challenge. Next week we'll look at how sanity has been served for your business.

Happy scheduling, everyone!