Productivity Challenge Week 4 - Is This Your Scheduling Website?

Ready for more? Here’s Week 4! We want to give a huge thanks to each of you who’s been hanging with us and completing this challenge. We believe you’ll definitely create saner schedule for your business and be able to be more productive by focusing your energies towards what’s more important.

Today’s challenge is focused on branding.

Is This Your Scheduling Website? Productivity Challenge Week 4

Is This Your Scheduling Website? Productivity Challenge Week 4

Have you ever visited someone’s website and felt a little confused? Maybe their website wasn’t what you expected based on an email that they sent you? The appearance didn’t match up with the tone, and we all know that appearance counts.

Well, I want you to liken this with your scheduling website that you’re using to accept appointments. Let’s say that a client visits your home website, and he or she clicks on the “Book Appointment” tab at the top of your page. They are immediately whisked away to your web scheduler, and all of sudden...

They feel like they’ve left total comfort and ask themselves, “Is this the correct scheduling website? I see the name and the information, but uh…I was expecting something different.”

Yeah, you don’t want your clients to feel like they’ve stumbled upon the wrong scheduling website because then they may be prompted to call and try to book or send an email. So, branding matters.

And we have the tools to help you make sure your online scheduler “relates” with your home website to keep consistent branding. 

Actionable Steps for Week 4

1. Customize your web scheduler

It's a great idea to make sure your scheduler's branding matches with your website. With our scheduling system, you can add and position your logo, tailor your brand's colors down to the hexadecimal, add a custom greeting, and more. Simply go to "Settings" > "Mini Website Design" and start customizing there.

Customize your web scheduler to match your business' branding

Customize your web scheduler to match your business' branding


2. Add staff, service, class, or course descriptions

Before you enroll in a class, you want to know what it's about, right? The same can apply for your services, classes, courses, and staff members. It's helpful to shed some light (or even add a video!) about your offerings with clients and ask your staff members to update their profiles to specify how they service your business. Simply go to "Settings" > "Staff" for editing staff profiles, and "Settings" > "Services & Classes" to edit the profiles for your services, classes, or courses.

Edit your staff profile to provide additional information

Edit your staff profile to provide additional information


3. For Go-Getters:  Customize the webhandle for your scheduling website

By customizing your scheduler's webhandle, you'll clarify where you want to direct your clients as the URL will be semantic (Ex. and not contain automatically generated numbers and letters (Ex. http://...a7x8byc). A custom URL helps to build link trust with your clients (quite like using our vanity URLs for services, classes, and courses), and you can simply use your business' name or keywords that give an inclination as to what your clients are booking. 

Customize your scheduling website's webhandle

Customize your scheduling website's webhandle

Give your clients no room to guess (or leave) your scheduling website because of a lack of brand consistency. Go ahead and complete this week's actionable steps and let us know how you're doing.

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With only 2 more weeks left in our Scheduling Sanity Challenge, we want to hear about your progress and how online scheduling has served your business through creating a smoother routine and helping you to focus more on your business' growth. 

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Psst, as a sneak peak of Week 5...

Many of us know all too well how quick our attention can be...oh there's a squirrel...

See! There's more to come on how to keep your clients' attention.