Productivity Challenge Week 3 - We’re Going Down: Lost Business & Productivity

Don't you agree? It's time for Week 3!

I don't know about you, but I'm on a roll with this rhyming thing today. Oh, and yes, those who remember the television show Kim Possible will surely understand today's gif.

We're so glad you're back for another great week of tips with our Business Productivity Challenge to help you create a better workflow.

As the title suggests, we're going to be talking about something that's "not so booyah" - lost business and productivity.

I want to you to just think for a moment...what are some big contributors to a loss in business for you? What obstacles can also take away from you and or your staff members' productivity?

Here are several that we can think of:

  • Appointment no-shows
  • Last minute cancellations
  • Rescheduling needs

Did any of those make your list? If you didn't think of those, here's how, for instance, an appointment no-show can cost your business.

Scenario A - Openings Available, But a Loss in Business

You have a client, Miranda, who has scheduled an appointment over Skype with you for 3:00 p.m. on Friday. You both plan to discuss how one of your services can help resolve an issue she is experiencing. A reminder email and text message goes out to Miranda 24 hours prior to her appointment, but on Friday, once you've logged onto Skype, reviewed her documents, and reviewed some of your resources, she doesn't show up.

It would have been nice if Miranda could have let you know that she could not make it, or if she needed to reschedule because something came up. As a result, your time was wasted (and business revenue) preparing for the appointment. Additionally, you're frustrated and have other clients to meet with for the rest of the day, so you've got to manage your frustration.

Scenario B - High Demand, But No More Openings

But, now, let's say that it's a busy Friday morning, and you own a barbershop. Clients are coming in left and right from booked appointments. Keeping track of those coming in, by the afternoon, you notice that you're booked up for the rest of the day and have calls coming in about openings. A major holiday is coming up, and clients want to look their best for going out or spending time with family and friends. You want to take advantage of the demand but don't have anymore open slots on your scheduler - this translates into lost business at a time of high demand if you only accept appointments online.

All of your available slots are booked through your web scheduler, now what?

Here's where this week's actionable steps can fill in and fix these gaps to prevent lost business, lost time, and lost revenue:

Actionable Steps for Week 3

1. Make sure your policies & procedures are visible on your web scheduler


If your business accepts cancellations up to 24 hours before an appointment, it needs to be visible not only on your website, but also on your appointment scheduler. Why? Because if your clients may not read your policy page on your website, and you also need to clarify your scheduling expectations. We show you how to ensure your policy is visible on your scheduler and provide walkthroughs further in our post "What's a Reasonable Cancellation Policy for Online Appointments".

2. Add your policies & procedures to confirmation & reminder emails

It's also a good tip to add your policies and procedures to your appointment confirmation and reminder emails so that clients will know what to do if they need to cancel or reschedule. Learn more about customizing your appointment templates here. (If you want to give this feature a try during your 30 day free trial, in BackOffice, go ahead and switch your plan from TimeTap Starter to TimeTap Professional or Business by clicking on your name in the upper right > "Change Plans".  To continue customizing your email templates, at the end of your trial, you can update your billing.)

3. For our Go-Getters: Accept payments up-front by setting up a payment portal

Making a partial or even full payment up-front can help with securing appointments. Your clients will have already invested in your service or class and be more likely to be present for his/her appointment or class. To set up a payment portal, check out this helpful information and walkthroughs here

4. For our Go-Getters: Keep business going by setting up a waitlist for booked days

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 3.54.31 PM.png

High demand days, weekends, or months - meet them by keeping business booming with the help of an online waitlist that takes care of client demands. Additionally, if a seat becomes available, you can let those clients on your waitlist know. Find out how to set up your waitlist here.

And those are some actionable steps you to take this week to improve your business and productivity.

Psst, as a sneak peak of Week 4...

We're going to talk about branding and how to make your clients feel more comfortable when they visit your scheduling website.

How are the challenges going for you so far? Let us know by commenting below or shouting us out on social!