Thursday Thought: Why Context Matters for Your Clients & Students

Happy Thursday guys! We hope all is well with you today, and if you’re joining us after checking out our Tuesday post, we hope you’ve jumped in with our 5 Weeks to Scheduling Sanity Challenge. If you haven’t, it’s not too late, go ahead and check out the post to get started.

But today, for your Thursday Thought, I want to survey you guys really quickly. By a showing of hands, how many of you have ever asked a teacher why you needed to learn a certain subject or topic?

Do you remember your mood or mindset at the time that you asked your teacher? It was probably negative (my guess), but looking back, do you wish you wouldn’t have asked that?

Just a few questions there, but there’s a reason behind the question you asked (if you dared to ask) your teacher.

Although your teacher probably became a little annoyed with you, the legitimate reason likely behind your question had to do with context.

 And let’s face it, even as we are living, are we living with a purpose? Or are we just going about each day aimlessly? I can imagine that without feeling like I have a purpose or aim, I would feel hollow.

So to put this into a business perspective, are you giving your clients or students “context” with your services or classes? Are you giving them a true reason to book online with you? What will they benefit? Have you explained what their gains are?

One way to determine whether or not you’re providing enough context is to monitor your business growth or even watch how, in instance of a class, your students interact with you as their teacher & each other.

Do they comply and then wait listlessly for the next task? If you have appointments, do your clients come in without a pep in their step for a routine check-up? Do those clients leave with a smile on their faces and a better understanding of their condition or help with their problem?

If not, it’s time to check your context meter.

One way to provide a better understanding of how your services or classes can benefit those you serve is to add a description for them through their profiles. Additionally, if you're the only provider for your business, you might want to add a staff bio with some description of your service, class, or program. Here’s an example below using our online scheduling system for a fitness trainer:

Sample staff bio with program description

Sample staff bio with program description


One great thing about adding a staff description is that with a photo, you help clients or students place a face with a name.

And that’s it for your Thursday Thought – now go out there and make sure you’re providing purpose with direction!