Thursday Thought: How Do You Deal With Difficult Clients?

Difficult clients or students - don’t we all run into them from time to time? And it’s not always that they’re “the” problem, it can just be their behavior or disposition when you’re expecting them to behave a certain way or have a better attitude.

So today, for your Thursday Thought, how do you handle or deal with difficult clients or students?

And let’s not pin the blame on the client every time an appointment goes sour or every time a class goes left when we want it to go right because sometimes we ourselves don’t come into the environment “straight” or we have a “bad taste in our mouths”.

But when we’re calm, reasonable, and have a respectful attitude, how do we work with those clients or students who are not?

Let’s say for example that you are a care provider who has a patient that’s booked a morning appointment through your online scheduler. The patient comes in for a complaint about back pain. She proceeds to describe her pain and her routine to you as you take these things into consideration. And near the end of the appointment once you’ve come to some conclusions in your mind, you tell her that you’ll schedule her an appointment for an x-ray, but it will have to be 2 weeks out.

She becomes very pushy about moving the time of the x-ray forward to the point that she starts to denigrate your work as a professional.

You’re at a vital moment here - hmm, how do you work with this patient who is obviously upset about this decision? What do you say further to ease tension but also show that you deserve respect?

And the ball is left in your hands. But I wanted to plant this brief thought in your mind this Thursday because maybe at some point in this week, you’ve come across a difficult client or student. Maybe you handled the situation wrongfully and lost control by giving in to your emotions. Maybe you allowed those emotions to have a negative impact upon the rest of your workday, and they spilled over into your household.

There are positive ways to manage those difficult moments - it’s a balancing act between properly providing your service as a professional and still seeking to be respected.

Are there certain ways or methods that you use in those situations that have worked? If so, share them with us in the comments box below - it’s always great to pass along successful tips and methods, and this is your Thursday thought!