Time to Make the Switch: 5 Weeks to Scheduling Sanity with Our Challenge

How's your week going so far? We hope it's off to a great start, and we're so glad you're back with us today because we're starting a challenge!

Yes, a challenge to help you have some scheduling sanity in 5 weeks. If you haven't starting taking appointments online, but you've been on the fence and considering it because you know someone else who's using it, another business that it's working for, or you've been reading through our blog, then we're going show you why your business should make the switch.

Not a switch in time 😊 but a switch in how you're handling appointments, classes, group tours, or any service or class that your business offers. 

But why is it time for your business to make a switch?

Your current practices have been working for years - you maintain a desk calendar with appointment times, your clients call to find out the best date even if they have to wait a little while you check the calendar, and when they book an appointment, you write their names on your calendar or enter them into a spreadsheet for client records.

What's wrong with that process?

Well, one thing that sticks out about this routine is the amount of time that's spent on tasks to ensure that the business runs successfully.

What if you could skip having to check staff members' schedules to see when they have an open slot or skip having to manage a spreadsheet of client records that you have to keep sorted alphabetically for easy look-up? Would you take that chance to save your business some time and hopefully increase revenue?

If you're saying in your mind, "Yes", then this challenge is for you. Even if you're not completely sure, we still encourage you to take this challenge and see how much time your business could actually save by automating appointment booking, making client record management easier, and more.

As a sneak peak of some of the topics we'll cover, we're going to look at how your business' schedule can finally get some order, how not to miss out on appointment opportunities, how to prevent lost business & productivity, and more. In addition to our weekly topics, we'll also have actionable steps that you can take each week to optimize your web scheduler.

If you're ready for this challenge and want to join in, go ahead and subscribe to our email list to hear when our first week's post is out. 

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