Tuesday Motivation - Stop Dreaming

Today's post is a piggy-back post as from time to time, we share points of motivation, so if you're in need of a boost, grab your mug. =)

A while after I woke up this morning and had already considered a line up of things on my plate for today, a thought came to my mind. 

"Stop dreaming."

Have you ever been around someone who seems to always have a new milestone story or something they've been meaning to do and they've gotten it done? They may seem like sunshine on a cloudy day, and maybe you're the cloud when you think about what's going on in your life. But let's say that you were happy for that person, yet in the back of your mind you're thinking, "Man, why can't that be me for once?"

I'm not saying that comparing your life to someone else's is a good practice, but I know that we can be guilty of doing it. We get caught up in what we see and hear on the outside of someone's life, but what we don't see is the process behind this person's accomplishments.

We really don't know what he or she has gone through to get to that point. So instead of watching or listening and hoping that you could have closed on a big deal, have been offered to spearhead a new project, or have met with a certain number of clients for appointments during the week - it's time to put that dream into action.

Another person's moment of success may not be your moment of success.

So maybe you take appointments online and your business is doing well, but one of the biggest problems that you have is appointment no-shows. This creates more down-time for your staff members and hurts your business. Instead of hoping that you'll get fewer no-shows with a kind notice to clients that they need to notify your business within a certain timeframe, make a move to prevent it by having clients invest up front.

If, on the other hand, you're just getting started taking appointments and need more visibility, you can't just showcase your openings on your website and hope they will come. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "If you build it, they will come" - well, that's not how it works. Go ahead and set up an appointment scheduling tab for your business on Facebook and let people know within your personal network that they can book online easily by app on their phone or computer. And hopefully, good sayings will go out from within your network and lead to your business' growth.

And if you're hoping to meet a projection for the month, try up-selling and promoting your services or classes with the help of packages. If you don't want to just announce a new package out of the blue, work up your clients' anticipation for it through your blog, a webinar, or even a simple live broadcast. This will help to encourage them to purchase the package from you.

So yes, you can have that moment of success - your very own moment. That might look like increasing your number of clients, getting more appointments booked, exceeding a monthly goal, or another achievement. Just don't think that because someone else is sharing their moment that one day you won't be able to share yours.

And when you reach that milestone, we want to know - for your Tuesday motivation and to your success!