3 Pitfalls to Avoid With Online Scheduling

If you've been accepting your appointments online with our scheduling system and have experienced greater success thus far, then that is awesome! But, if you're just starting to take appointments online, we want to briefly share with you 3 pitfalls that you can avoid and some tips to help while allowing your clients to book with you.

Let clients log in to your web scheduler

Let clients log in to your web scheduler

Pitfall 1 - Not allowing your clients to log in and manage their own appointments

In another post, we share why your clients should be able to self-schedule instead of having to call or email for availability and booking. And we're glad you've chosen convenience for your clients, but to make the process even more convenient for them and less hands-on for you, you can make sure that clients can log in and manage their own appointments.

A great example of convenience, for instance, is if a client ends up having a schedule conflict and needs to reschedule. The first thought that probably comes to their mind is, "I need the phone number so I can call and reschedule my appointment".

To avoid having clients to call in to reschedule or even cancel an appointment, if you make sure that they can log in to your web scheduler, they'll have the flexibility to make any changes necessary within your policy's guidelines.

Let's say that your business allows rescheduling and cancellation up to 24 hours before the appointment - then a client will be able to do so on their own up until that time.

Send clients text reminders

Send clients text reminders

Pitfall 2 - Not sending your clients text message reminders

Oftentimes, we're glued to our phones. It can almost seem as if we were born with them attached at our hip. And knowing that many people today use their phones to check email, manage alarm systems, control home appliances and more, then sending out text message reminders for their appointments seems almost like a given or expectation.

But let's say that you don't have this set up...

Jeremiah, a young man in his late 20s, goes in to work, starts on the day's tasks, goes through a few meetings, and then finishes up with the day's tasks. On his way home, he grabs a burger, fries, and a soda and walks into his apartment to sit down and catch the evening news. Before he realizes it, 6:00 p.m. has passed, he's been at home for 30 minutes, and he's missed his appointment.

That's when that text message reminder would have been a little more helpful to ensure that he, as a client, doesn't forget and that the service provider's time isn't forfeited.

Promote your services or classes

Promote your services or classes

Pitfall 3 - Not promoting your services or classes through our email templates

One way to help you get more appointments booked and increase your class attendance is definitely through promotion. There any a number of ways you can do this, but with our scheduling system you can offer clients coupon codes, a service or class at a discount, or even a package through our email templates. 

We've recently talked about our package feature and how, for example, offering clients 5 appointments for the price of 4 can certainly encourage them to purchase a package so that they're not paying full price each time if they're planning to continue doing business with you.

So that's certainly a perk, and if you have clients taking advantage of your package offer, they can also allow their family or friends to try out one of your services or classes, and hopefully they'll be encouraged to become regular clients as well.

So if you're just beginning your journey with online scheduling, these 3 tips can definitely help you to avoid getting stuck and actually increase your business. 

As a challenge, put at least one of the tips we've mentioned today into practice and if they help, give us a thumbs up!

Happy scheduling!