A Package Deal: Say Hello to One of Our Newest Features!

When I started looking at beauty subscription boxes a little over a month ago, I was very excited. I like beauty products, and the idea that every month I could get something fairly interesting piqued my interest - whether that’s a purple shade of lipstick, a new hair product, hair accessory - anyway, I believe you see my point.

But something else that was intriguing to me about certain subscription boxes was the appeal of the box through a theme, and personally that draws me. I’m sure you’ve heard that if you can appeal to your customers or clients through a story, theme, or scenario and make that tie in to your offer, then it can be captivating rather than receiving a plain, old brown subscription box with the month and year printed on the top and no dazzle or surprise inside.

What a let-down that would be.

I can be a frills person, but some are not, yet as we know, some really neat things can come in packages, and today we have an awesome new feature that we believe you’ll enjoy.


Our new package feature

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to up-sell your services or classes and keep more clients, then this feature can certainly help.

Our Package feature will allow your clients or customers to purchase a set number of appointments or classes with you - which makes this feature great for promotions.


Who would this feature help?

No matter if you’re a fitness instructor or even a recreational business, this feature will allow you to build your clientele and help you earn their trust.

Here are providers that this feature can help:

  • Fitness class instructors / Personal trainers

  • Gym managers (memberships)

  • Private instructors (art, music, and etc.)

  • Group instructors (language-learning, technology, and etc.)

  • Uber & Lyft drivers

  • Auto-body shop owners (oil changes, tire rotations, and etc.)

  • Lawn-care specialists (mowing, landscaping, and etc.)

  • Cosmetologists (nail services, hair services, and etc.)

  • Recreational business owners (escape game packages, local activity packages, and etc.)

  • And more!


Here’s how to use this feature

If you’re using our Business Plan for your online scheduling needs, here’s how you can make the most of this feature:

Let’s say that you offer local skills classes for groups of people who enjoy taking time outside of their 9 - 5 to learn something new, whether that’s by themselves or with a group of friends.

People love your classes, but it can get expensive choosing class by class, so now, you’ll offer them a package so that they can pay for several at once for a discounted price.

A win!


How to create a package

1. Go ahead and login to the Back Office

2. Go to “Payments” > “Manage Packages”

3. Click “Add New Package”

Create a new package

Create a new package

4. Do the following:

  • Name your package
  • Choose the number of appointments
  • Price
  • The Services and or Classes that this package can be used for
  • When you want a reminder to be sent for a certain quantity
  • The expiration date of the package
  • Choose whether or not the package is taxable
Enter in and select the appropriate information for the new package

Enter in and select the appropriate information for the new package

5. Click the “Save” button and you’ve created your first package!


How to invoice and redeem a package

You can create an invoice for a client who has purchased a package to keep track of their payments.

If you want to learn more about invoicing a package, we have a tutorial that will walk you through it here.

As far as redeeming a package, this can be done in the Back Office when:

  • You’re booking an appointment for a client in the Back Office

  • You’re signing a client up for a class in the Back Office

  • After a client has booked an appointment

  • After a client has signed up for a class

Let’s say that Issa wants to sign up for social media marketing class with your business.

Issa has informed you that she’d like to purchase your Class Pass Package which allows her to participate in 5 classes for the price of 4.

In the Back Office, you could go to her Client Profile and click on the “Packages” tab

From the client's profile, click the "Packages" tab

From the client's profile, click the "Packages" tab

Click on the “Add Package” button.

Click the "Add Package" button 

Click the "Add Package" button 

Then, choose the package that she wants and click the "Add Package" button to add it to her account.

Select and add the purchased package to the client's account

Select and add the purchased package to the client's account

*Optional - you can go ahead and invoice her for this package (more here on how to create an invoice)

If she hasn’t booked a class online with you yet, you can go ahead and add a new appointment from her Client Profile by clicking the “Add Appointment” button.

Click the "Add Appointment" button

Click the "Add Appointment" button

Choose the appropriate class, date, and other information, and then save the appointment.

Fill in the appropriate information and save the appointment

Fill in the appropriate information and save the appointment

Under the “Notes” section, select the package she wants to apply to her appointment (this will cause her to use one of the class sessions that she's purchased). 

Select the appropriate package

Select the appropriate package

And she’s all set! Below, you can see that she’s booked one of her class sessions and has 4 left.

And this is just one way you can apply the package to a client’s appointment - if you want to see how to apply a package to an appointment that’s already been scheduled, you can find out how here.

In our next post, we’ll take this feature a little further and look at how your clients can share package deals with a friend or family member - a double win!

If you enjoyed this post or know a colleague or friend who would be excited to hear about this feature, give us a thumbs up and share on social. If you have any questions, drop us a note on social or send us a message and we’ll be happy to help.