3 Helpful Hacks for Certification Programs & Training

Welcome back to our 8th week of hacks and tips for your life and business. We’re down to 2 more weeks of our series, and we hope you’ve enjoyed them thus far.

Summer’s on my mind today as here in the U.S. it’s right around the corner, and also safety. Can you recall a time when your life was in danger? I can recall some instances, but I’d like to share this particular moment where my brother and I were fortunate. 

Last year, my family and I went to the beach (I know, another beach story). After walking one of the piers one morning with my mother, father, and brother, we went down onto the beach, but my brother and I stayed longer.

I think we were down there for about 15 - 20 minutes, and I was ready to go on. He wasn’t, however, and told me that he was going to go on out further into the water. I told him okay but didn’t venture out as far as he did and stood watching. 

It wasn’t long after he had ventured out that I believe both of us at the same time saw a shark fin appear what seemed to have been maybe about 10 feet away from him. We both were stunned and ran back up onto the sand and also warned some others who were around us.

But thankfully, we saw the shark and were able to let others know so that they could avoid danger as well. I’m not sure if you have had a similar experience, but safety is important, and it’s great to have people who are willing to take risks to ensure others’ well-being.

In speaking about safety with summer in mind, there are those who train to keep others safe like lifeguards, police, and many others. Today we want to share 3 hacks particularly with programs, organizations, and training schools that provide certifications.

3 hacks for certification programs and organizations

3 hacks for certification programs and organizations


1. Easily pre-screen candidates before they sign up

If candidates must be a certain age before registering for one of your certification programs, or they must have a certain credential, you can easily pre-screen them before they sign up with our online scheduler. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to "Settings" > "Services and Classes" > click on the "Screening Questions" tab > click the "Add New Screening Question" button > and then create your screening question.

Here's a screening question that I've created for candidates registering for a lifeguard certification program:

Creating a pre-screening question

Creating a pre-screening question

Once I've created this screening question, I will make sure that I set it for the Lifeguard Certification course that I've created (learn more about creating courses here), and when a candidate prepares to register for this course, he or she will be prompted with this screening question:

Sample pre-screening question on a web scheduler

Sample pre-screening question on a web scheduler

And that makes the pre-screening process a lot simpler without having to call or email each candidate before they can register.


2. Make sure your candidates receive proper and adequate training

No one likes inadequacy, and I'm sure you can imagine that especially if an individual is responsible for other people's lives. So in using the lifeguard certification example, let's say that training is scheduled to last for 5 weeks with 10 class sessions.

If a candidate misses one of the classes, he or she will miss crucial training. For instance, if a candidate misses a day when trainees are scheduled to practice rescuing objects underwater, then he/she will not be as prepared as the other candidates in the event that they have to do this on the job.

And one way that our scheduling system allows for you to make sure your candidates can receive proper training is by allowing you to control rescheduling - whether that's choosing to make rescheduling "strict", "flexible", or "not allowing" rescheduling at all. 

  • "Strict" rescheduling will not allow a candidate to reschedule for a missed class session within that current set (For example, the current Lifeguard Certification course set is June - July 2017. Bryan misses class session 3; he cannot reschedule for that particular class session in the June - July 2017 course set, but could reschedule into the Aug. - Sep. 2017 set).
  • "Flexible" rescheduling will allow a candidate to reschedule for a missed class session within that current set for another day and time.
  • "Not Allowed" will not allow a candidate to reschedule for a missed class session.

In this example, I've set rescheduling to "strict" for the Lifeguard Certification course because I want to ensure that each of the trainees is properly prepared in being able to monitor and assist beach-goers or swimmers.

Rescheduling option for courses

Rescheduling option for courses

With this setting, let's say that Bryan misses class session 9 right before finishing the course. He would not be able to reschedule this session for another day within the set, but he could reschedule for this same session (class session 9) in another set of this course.


3. Make sure your candidates know their class schedule

Once candidates register for your certification program, they will get an email detailing their class schedule for the program. This will help to ensure that students will know when, where, and what time each session starts and end.

Additionally, if you've set rescheduling for your course to "Strict" or "Not Allowed", hopefully they will take their schedule into full consideration and make sure that they do not have any other plans blocking each of your sessions.

Here's an example of what this might look like on their end:

Ensure that candidates know their class schedule

Ensure that candidates know their class schedule

They could add these sessions to their Google Calendar, iCal, smartphone calendar, or whatever they use to keep track of events.

We certainly hope that these hacks will be especially handy for certification program whether you're running one or more this summer or will be conducting those later in the year. If you have any questions on these hacks or our course feature, don't hesitate to drop us a comment or contact us and we'll be glad to help.