Finding the Beauty in Hardship

If you missed us last week, we closed our hack series by looking at how to hack your business’ Facebook page for online scheduling. Today, if you find yourself going through a rough patch at work or even in life in general, we hope you’ll find this short post motivating.

One thing that I’m sure most of us don’t like and want to avoid as much as we can is hardship.

The word may even sound a little repulsive, but it’s a part of reality that as long as we live, we cannot avoid it. To us, it comes in many different forms:  financial-wise, relationship-wise, family-wise, career-wise, and in many other ways.

Most of us want to avoid trouble - we want to avoid taking a “hardship” and rather sail smoothly.  Because on the outside, we might look good and can have the best manners, yet behind it, we’re crumbling beneath something. That could be stress from being overbooked in our schedules, not trying to balance work and life, neglecting our physical health, negative relationships, and more.

But although hardship can sometimes bring out the worst in us, it can also bring out the best in us and make us more beautiful. You might be saying, Jalesa, how can hardship make me more beautiful?

I want you to take a minute and think about the trees that you find beautiful and stunning, and I’ll tell you a tree that I find amazing, and that’s the palm tree.

"...these trees endure brute forces of nature..."

"...these trees endure brute forces of nature..."

It’s summer now here in the U.S., and when we go to the beach, we see palms - some short, some tall, some with fruit.

Using the palm tree as an example, these trees endure brute forces of nature - like hurricane winds and rain. We often see through television footage of storms that there are palm trees left swaying in the wind. This isn’t to say that they don’t get damaged or may break, but it’s fairly common to see them stand resiliently after a storm.

And another unique quality about the palm is its stabilizing root system that helps to anchor it in the soil.

In examining the palm tree, we could conclude that it is among one of the more resilient species of trees that there is. Despite the weather that some palms endure to include tropical storms, hurricanes, and desert heat, these plants can maintain their beauty.

And like these plants, though we find ourselves frayed, swaying, bending, and even battered from circumstances that can leave us drained, we can find beauty in our tough moments.

It's how we choose to endure the storm - we can bend and break or bend and stand again. And it’s not so much as our physical beauty that we could talk about, but it's how we’ve developed inwardly from what we’ve learned and how our wisdom can benefit someone else.

So that’s how we can remain beautiful despite our daily struggles. If you’re looking for some tips on resilience, we share 3 of them here that can be helpful in adding to your “root system”.

Have you noticed yourself grow into a more beautiful person after hardship? Share your moment with us in the comments box below - you never know who you might inspire. =)