Help! Hack My Business' Facebook Page for Online Scheduling

We’re so glad you’re back and have joined us for the last week of our hack series. If you missed us last week, we looked at 3 very useful hacks for your inbox to help make tackling emails a lot easier.

This week we’re going to talk about social for a little (oh yes, our essential social media), and we’re going to show you how to make online booking or online scheduling easier for your Facebook followers and fans. If you have a prominent social presence, this should be especially helpful with increasing your business through the ease of online booking when your clients are on Facebook without having to go to your website.

Not only do we think you’ll find this fun, but we encourage you to get as creative with hacking your business’ Facebook page (sweet, right?).

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For today’s examples with using Facebook for online booking, we’re going to look at:

  1. Scheduling appointments

  2. Signing up for classes

  3. Taking advantage of promotions (because your clients and customers enjoy deals!)

  4. Running events


How clients can make appointments with your Facebook scheduler

Something new as a business that I've come across recently is the escape room game where groups of people work to put together clues to escape the room or situation.  Let's say that you run an escape room business, and you advertise your business on Facebook to allow current fans to book a game as well as attract new customers.

If a prospective customer hears about your business, for instance, through a friend's post on Facebook detailing their experience, they just might look up your business while on Facebook and decide that hey, they want to join a game for the weekend with friends to put together clues to try and solve a mystery to escape.

So they search and find your business, and when they do, you'll want to be sure that they can book a game online through your web scheduler.

> Here's how you can embed your TimeTap web scheduler on Facebook:

1. Log in to Facebook and make sure you have Administrator access to your page

2. Go to the Static HTML iframe Tabs Apps

3. Click on the "Add Static HTML to a Page" button

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.25.51 PM.png

4.  Choose the Facebook page that you want to add a tab and embed your web scheduler on, and click "Add Page Tab"

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.38.44 PM.png

5. Under the "Welcome" tab on your Facebook page, click the "Set up tab" button

6. Make sure that the app you've selected is "Static HTML" - if not, click the "Change App" button and then select "Static HTML"

7. In your TimeTap BackOffice, go to "Settings" > "Scheduler Rules & Logic" > under "Embed Options" copy the code

8. Paste the code under the "index.html" tab > click the "Save & Publish" button

9. Change the name of your tab to something like "Book a Game Now!" or "Schedule Now!"

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.00.51 PM.png

10. You're all set! You can start taking appointments on Facebook through your web scheduler

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.26.00 PM.png

How students can sign up for classes through your Facebook page

Online classes are awesome - they can be convenient for working parents, students, and etc. But what's better is that even if your classes aren't online, but your business is and you have a Facebook page, then allow prospective students to sign up for them through the click of a button.

For instance, you're a gym trainer and you hold weekly exercise classes that you promote through Facebook as well as your website. Many of your students follow you on Facebook and share their experiences and success through your classes, and this helps generate more interest.

> With the click of a button, you can allow new students to sign up for your classes straight from your page - here's how:

1. On your Facebook page, click on the "Add a Button" button

2. Click on the "Book Services" menu

3. Click on the "Book Now" option

4. Copy over your web handle from the Back Office under "Settings" > "Mini Website Design" and click "Add button"

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.19.36 PM.png

5. And you're ready for class sign-ups through your Facebook page!


How clients or customers can take advantage of your promotions through Facebook scheduling

If your business runs promotions on your services, classes, or even products and markets them through your website or even Facebook, you can get your fans excited by making it easy for them to take advantage of your special offers.

Let's say that your salon is running a special on hair treatments for mothers and daughters - if they sign up by a certain date, they can save 15% and will receive a grab bag with goodies. 

*You can follow the instructions on how to embed a web scheduler on your Facebook page, and clients can sign up for your hair treatments and receive 15% off by entering in a coupon code and receive their grab bag during their appointment.


How to allow guests can sign up for events through your Facebook page

Events are awesome ways to promote your business and even support a good cause. Guests can easily sign up for an event that your business sponsors or partners with through your Facebook scheduler. You can also give them to opportunity to voice their preferences and add comments.

Let's say that your business is holding a charity run and is inviting those within your local community to come out support a cause. 

*You can follow the instructions on how to add a button to your Facebook page that links to your web scheduler so that participants can sign up for your event. We also have a post on scheduling for events that you can check out.

We hope today's hacks will be helpful for business' Facebook page and help you gain more clients and customers while building good relationships. If you enjoyed this post and look forward to giving one of these tips a try, give us a thumbs up and be sure to share this on social.

We hope you've enjoyed our hack series for life and business! If you ever need a recap, you can find them all here on our blog. For now, happy scheduling!