Hack My Fitness: Scheduling Time for a Healthier You

It's that time again - week 3 of our Hack My series!

So if you were with us last week, we looked at how to hack your business' schedule for a potentially smoother work-week. We talked about how to solve the issue of understaffing (and creating an angry mob of clients who check their watches and walk out), how to avoid missing your set appointments by using buffers, how to set up scheduling for multiple locations, and lastly, how to make sure clients get reminders for repeating appointments.

This week, I, Jalesa, am going under the microscope.

So, I've started to exercise again (haven't been to the gym this week yet), but several years ago, I would exercise regularly by attending sessions.

And if you haven't been working out or exercising regularly for your health - do not feel completely bad because you're not alone.

Deciding that you're going to go to the gym "x" number of times per week, going to the park, or working out from home is not easy. I imagine so because if that's not something you've been doing consistently, then it's not as likely you'll do it.

So, week after week, you may see advertisements on television for gym membership specials, hear coworkers talking about going jogging in the evenings, or even pass a gym on your way home.

And you think to yourself, "I know I need to start exercising again - I'm out of shape." And if you think about this, although mentally you're able to manage your weekly appointment schedule, remember important dates, be on time for meetings, and even take care of your family, if you're not healthy physically, then this can affect your performance as well.

Some things that I noticed about myself that changed since going to the gym was that I was less sluggish and tired, I seemed to be a little more energized, and I felt more lively. I also felt that by going to the gym, I would be able to take my focus off of business/life matters for a period of time.

And that made a difference - I was able to unwind/unpack without really saying much and just by moving.

So you might be asking...

Well, if you can do this, how can I get started on my journey to a healthier, more fit me?

How can I get started to becoming a healthier, more fit me?

How can I get started to becoming a healthier, more fit me?

First, I'm no guru - I'm going through this process of staying with it myself. But I can encourage you to get off the couch, out of the refrigerator, or away from the desk to take just a little bit of time to work on your health.

Here's how you can hack your fitness and schedule time for an overall healthier you.

3 tips on how to hack your fitness for a healthier you

3 tips on how to hack your fitness for a healthier you


Getting Started

Personally speaking, I first had to decide that I wanted to better my physical health.

I knew (and know) that I am out of shape and can tell based on how my body responds when I moving or even sitting. I could also sense that if I would just move more, I might have a better mood rather than become irritated easily.

So, I decided to join a gym. And let me tell you, I worked out on the day that I joined and did not go back until about a month later - and I wasn't the only one who noticed it.

So you've got to make up in your mind that you've got to start somewhere.

You don't have to get a gym membership. There are other ways you can exercise to improve your health; you can:

  • Go walking, jogging, or running in the park, neighborhood, or even at a local school
  • Go walking in a mall or a store
  • Tell your friends or coworkers that, hey, let's each work on improving our health outside of work/school by getting together "x" times a week to exercise
  • Exercise with someone hosting a workout using Facebook Live
  • Exercise at home with routines
  • Exercise in your spare time during breaks

Starting is better than making excuses and getting discouraged altogether because you don't think that you'll stick to it to form a habit - and you might mess up sometimes, but this week begin somewhere - you'll feel better that you did.


Understand Your Limits

You can't climb Mt. Everest without tackling small hills first - you'll just give out or injure yourself. Take it from someone who has done this more than once.

When I started to exercise a couple of years back on my own (but did not stick with it), I peddled swiftly on one of the bikes and ended up dealing with hurting knees. Ultimately, I believe I injured myself and wore a knee brace for a while - all because I wanted to really push myself from the start.

When starting to exercise again, you can build your intensity & endurance with time.

Remember before starting any workout routine, you need to stretch to avoid injury and prepare your muscles and ligaments. If you're planning to go to the park during the week, start out walking for the first week, and then building yourself up in intervals with walking & jogging the next, and so on. You can build upon your intensity and endurance to avoid major injury starting off so that you can keep going.


If You Get Behind, Remind Yourself of the Benefits

Not going to the gym for a week has already shown me some differences - I miss having that time to relax & unwind, I miss feeling like I have extra energy, and I miss feeling better overall.

If you find yourself slipping into a rut whether through excuses or legitimately not having open gaps of time, you can remind yourself:

  • How you want to look great in "x" weeks 
  • How much better you really felt after exercising
  • How your mood improved and your felt less "snappy" towards people
  • How you cleared your mind
  • How you encouraged someone else to get started on his/her health journey & how you can push them forward (this one is great)

Remember that in order to perform well on the job or at school - whether that's taking appointments online or engaging in classes - you need to make sure that your body is physically well also. Don't neglect this.


Over to you

So if you feel like you're ready to get started, we encourage you to move forward in improving your health. Whether that's by joining a gym, booking a fitness trainer, signing up for a class online, or whatever strategy will work well for you - go forward, make a change, and see if it will not make a difference in your life personally & professionally.

Have a fitness story or routine to share with us? How did you get started on your journey & how have you managed to maintain it? We'd love to hear it! Just let us know in the comments box below!