Event Planners, We Have 3 Hacks for Hosting a Simple & Effective Event

We’re so glad you’re back with us this week! Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and we shared 3 hacks that could help our teachers.

In light of the many festivities that occur in the spring like graduations, weddings, conferences, and more, we have events on our mind. I can remember my college and high school graduations very well, and they were times of celebration for the students, families, and friends. We want to congratulate the Class of 2017 for their hard work and accomplishments.

Since we’ll be looking at events today, I want you to pause for just a minute or two and think...what is one of the most important factors that you take into consideration when attending an event?

Have you thought of it? Okay, keep this in mind because before we dive into our hacks, here are 3 things that guests are generally looking for when they plan to attend an event:

  1. A reminder about the event
  2. A voice if there are options
  3. Order for the occasion

I wonder if either of these factors topped your list when thinking about important elements that a guest considers. If they did and you’ve ever planned an event before where something just didn’t come out correctly:

  • Did not have enough chairs/tables for guests

  • Ran out of food

  • Guests had certain preferences

  • And etc.

Then I’m sure you’ll understand these following questions that event planners and event organizers have likely come across. If you’re in the mix of planning or spearheading planning for an occasion, grab your notepad because we have some great hacks lined up for you today.


How can I effectively keep track of guests?

How can I effectively keep track of guests?

1. How can I effectively keep track of guests?

We ran a brief poll yesterday, and keeping track of guests was chosen out of a list of 4 of the most difficult aspects of event planning. We heard you and have a hack for that.

Something that I’ve frequently run across (and you probably have too) is when hosts or event coordinators have guests sign their names or check off beside their names on a list. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a guest list or attendees list by hand, but even that can get tricky when individuals show up who did not originally sign up, and you’ve got to add them, or you’ve got to go through the list after the event and see who did not make it.

Record-keeping by hand can get a little tricky especially if a sheet is accidentally lost.

Why do event coordinators want to track guests in the first place?

They may want to:

  • Find out who came and send out thank-yous

  • Keep track of who came per company instructions

  • See if the event had a successful turn-out for future plans

And so on, so you can see how keeping a list of attendees can be important for some coordinators. But here’s how online attendee tracking can make a world of a difference.

If you’re hosting:

  • A conference

  • A class

  • A workshop

  • A banquet

  • A charity event

  • A college recruiting fair/tour

Online attendee tracking through an event scheduler will allow attendees to sign up for conference sessions, classes, college tours, or etc. and see the available spots left.

Additionally, as each one arrives, one of the event coordinators can check each of them in digitally without having to go down a sheet of paper checking names off, but simply by typing in an ID or their name.

Easily check in attendees digitally

Easily check in attendees digitally

After the event, you can then generate and download a report containing the list of attendees and pertinent information regarding them according to your choosing.

You can generate and download report with a list of attendees

You can generate and download report with a list of attendees

So if you need an email, an address, or phone number, you can contact and thank them for coming to your event, and that’s always a kind thing to do.

How can I find out what my guests prefer?

How can I find out what my guests prefer?

2. How can I find out what my guests prefer?

Some guests have different dietary needs than others and preferences. For instance, you’d want to be careful if hosting an event and serving mostly seafood as some guests may have an allergy. It would be good to account for those who cannot eat seafood.

But you want to keep the flow of things simple, and it would be kind of difficult to call everyone on the list or mail everyone on the list and ask them to mail you back with their preferences or wait to hear back from them by phone.

That gets a bit tricky, so to keep things simple and give everyone a chance to make their preferences known, when they sign up for the event they can choose or write-in what they prefer or make an dietary restrictions known.

Here’s an example showing options that guests can choose for a dinner:

Allow guests to voice their preferences

Allow guests to voice their preferences

How can I effectively remind guests of the event?

How can I effectively remind guests of the event?

3. How can I effectively remind guests of the event?

I’m sure most of us are guilty. A friend, colleague, or family member tells us about a special occasion and we neglect to write it down, put it on our calendars, or in our phones right after we’ve discussed the specifics. So later, we end up contacting them again to find out.

But to make it easier on your guests (and I’m sure they’ll appreciate this) have an automatic reminder email sent out to them prior to the event or a text reminder.

Personally, once i’ve signed up for an event online and haven’t saved it in my phone or jotted it down, I’m thankful when I get an email reminder from the organizer - whew!

Additionally, customizing the reminder to your liking is a plus by including any specific information you want.

So hopefully these 3 questions and helpful hacks will help you to plan a wonderful event whether that’s a conference, class, workshop, reunion, awareness event, charity event, banquet, wedding reception, and more.

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