Scheduling Should Take Much Less Time

There are only 168 hours in a week. Each 24 has a routine and or schedule that has your name on it with responsibilities to be taken care of. However, each week there are time drains--unexpected occurrences, mishaps, or even tasks that require too much time, and with these drains you find that there’s a need to more efficiently utilize the time you've been given when possible.

One of those time drains might be scheduling, and we all know that proper planning is essential; however, when you’re running a business or managing a business with appointments, then managing a schedule with constant change can wreak havoc on your hours (not to mention open that time drain again). So, you wonder to yourself, "I’ve identified the problem, but what would be the best solution?"

On Monday morning, you walk by Daniel’s desk and ask him which app does he use to manage his schedule. Daniel casually pulls up the app on his laptop and shows you how convenient it is to use a system that manages your schedule for you--and with text message reminders.

“James, scheduling doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t have to spend an hour each afternoon adjusting your schedule when it automatically adjusts itself online.”

You smile, rub your chin, and really take that thought into consideration.

After all, you do manage a desk calendar and use a system that does not automatically update itself should a client need to cancel. And you find yourself checking your voicemails soon after looking at emails once you come into the office. You’re working hard, but not efficiently.

If you find yourself in James’ shoes, we urge you to consider a better tool to help you manage your schedule and receive automatic updates without having to constantly check and make changes. To stop those time drains and save a few hours each week in the office, we’ve put together a list of reasons why online scheduling is the better option:

Remind clients without having to draft emails or make calls

Have personalized and customized emails sent automatically to your clients regarding their appointments. They’ll appreciate that a reminder is sent, and they’ll be even happier if you choose to send them automatic text message reminders (because they might not always be near their computers, but have their phones on hand). No more minutes wasted researching client names, emails, or numbers to try to send out appointment reminders.

Manage without micromanagement

Do you update weekly work hour spreadsheets? With a system that provides online scheduling for business owners and managers, your employees can also create profiles and set up their schedules too. Employees can log in and enter in the days and hours that they plan to be available for each day. They can also choose whether to set up a schedule for one day, for a designated time period (ex. 3 months at a time), or for a regular basis. Employees can also enter in their time off. With online scheduling, you can manage without micromanagement.

Clients can book online at their convenience

Does your office closes at 5:00 p.m.? No problem. With a web based reservation system, your clients can schedule appointments without having to call or email at a time that’s convenient for them. What’s even greater about this feature is that your clients will likely be happy that they schedule with you without having to call or email to find out your available times because they’ll be able to see them on your web scheduler. And even greater, if you have clients in other countries, you can set up your web scheduler so that they can see your hours formatted according to their timezone.

Appointment confirmation emails are sent automatically

No need to try to find that canned email in your inbox--simply log in and customize your confirmation email according to your liking, and it will automatically be sent to clients who schedule appointments with you. Leave less room for error and forgetfulness with this feature!

Ask clients questions without the paper survey

Does your business require specific information your clients? With our custom fields feature, you can create your own questions for clients to fill out before booking or even ask them screening questions. Clients can enter information such as their birthdate, height, weight, and even write comments. With screening questions that appear before certain services, you won’t have to be concerned with clients booking an appointment  This would be helpful in the case of determining eligibility for services. Additionally, you could save time by not having clients to fill out certain information once they arrive.

Have your clients’ information on hand with notes

With a scheduling system that captures your clients’ information, you won’t have to be concerned with pulling down books from a shelf. Additionally, you can also takes notes prior to, during, and after appointments to help you remember where you left off for follow-ups. Minimize the opportunity to lose important papers and records with our secure system that stores your information.

Manage clients’ appointment status with ease

Checking clients in, canceling, rescheduling, closing, and re-opening appointments is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. Check clients in once they walk in the door or check in with you virtually, allow clients to cancel or reschedule their appointments without having to call, and even close or re-open appointments as necessary.

Monitoring and adjusting your schedule doesn’t have to be complicated, but can be efficient. If you’re ready to stop unnecessary time drains, you can get started with us today for free for 30 days.

On James’ lunch break, he decided to head on over to the website to find out more about the scheduling software Daniel was using. Work hard, but more efficiently! Happy scheduling!