Thursday Tip: 3 Ways to Benefit from a Wait List

Happy Thursday!

We've got another great tip for you today to help you grow your business with online scheduling. Today, we want to look at the wait list feature and how you can benefit by using this feature for your appointments or classes.

Retain interested clients

When you're booked to the brim for a service on a certain day, you don't have to watch clients walk away - with our wait list feature, you can retain clients who are interested in your services.

If you're a TimeTap Business plan user, once you allow functionality of this feature in Back Office, interested clients can visit your web scheduler and select more than one time and date that they're available for so that if a slot opens, they can be automatically notified by email to book the appointment or manually invited by a staff member.

One of the perks of this feature is that you don't have to monitor how many clients join the wait list for a service or class or the dates and times that they choose, our system can take care of this for you unless you would like to manually manage wait list clients.

Fill vacancies

If a client cancels an appointment, then there's a loss in revenue and an open gap time-wise if no other client fills that slot. This feature can help you fill vacant appointment slots by allowing clients interested in your services to sign up for times that come available. 

Additionally, you can customize the message you'd like to have sent to your clients about how the wait list process works for your business - so no "one size fits all" with our system.

Delight clients through popular services or classes

Are one of your services or classes quite popular? How about during a certain season? If you tend to see clients almost left and right for a popular service or class, then definitely use our waitlist feature so that you can retain your business for these services. 

Want to see how this feature works in action? Check out our demo on YouTube here and also other helpful tutorials on that are featured on our channel.

We hope these short tips will encourage you to use this feature for your business!