Asking a Simple Question to Better Guide Your Clients

If you've ever found yourself waiting in a line before, but eventually discovered that you were in the wrong line, you probably thought that it would have been more helpful if someone were providing instructions to help with the flow of the queue.

Help clients avoid getting into the "wrong line" by guidance with screening questions

Help clients avoid getting into the "wrong line" by guidance with screening questions

In a similar way, if you’re a business owner or manager, your clients might find it more helpful if you provide appointment screening questions to help him or her with with the services or classes you provide.

For example, online appointment screening can be helpful for salon stylists who want their clients to complete a consultation prior to scheduling a service.

Screening Question:

“Have you completed a service with one of our stylists here before?”

From here, clients can then opt to answer either "Yes" or "No", and based on their answer, they will either be allowed to proceed with scheduling the service that they've chosen or will be prohibited from proceeding with scheduling their service.

What are the benefits you ask?

Benefit for the Stylist: As a stylist, having new clients first set up a consultation prior to booking an appointment with your salon can help with making sure that their needs and wants are better understood. This can also help with avoiding misunderstandings and dissatisfaction in the future. As a result of having new clients first set up a consultation prior to an appointment, this could also lead to better reviews for the salon.

Benefit for the Client: Clients will have the opportunity to share their beauty concerns with a stylist prior to their service, and this can help ensure that they'll receive the treatment or style that they are looking for, or help them to decide whether or not a stylist is a good match for them. In the long-run, they could hopefully find a stylist who is genuinely interested in their care and is willing to take the time to listen to their concerns.

I’ll demonstrate how stylists can set up a screening question for their clients with our appointment scheduler:

Create Your Screening Question

First, let's create a screening question in BackOffice. This feature is only available for both our Solo and Team Business Plans.

1. Go to "Settings" > "Services & Classes" > click the "Screening Questions" tab

2. Click the “Add New Screening Question” button

3. Fill in the appropriate information  > click the “Save” button to save your question

Add Screening Question to Your Service

1. After clicking the "Save" button, scroll down and under the "Services & Classes that require this Screening Question" section, click the "Edit" button

2. Select the service you want to apply the screening question to 

3. Click the "Save" button

See Your Screening Question in Action

Now, let's test out your screening question by previewing your web scheduler from a client's point of view.

1. While still on the Screening Question Profile page, scroll up and click the "Preview Scheduler" button

2. Go through your scheduler and select the service that you've applied your screening question to 

3. Select and answer to test your scheduler

After clicking "No" for the answer to the screening question I created above, I received a message that I needed to set up a consultation first - excellent!

Direct your clients to the right "queue" with a screening question to enhance their experience with your business. Remember, building solid relationships with clients is just as important as encouraging them to set up an appointment with your business.

What are some tips that you might recommend for strengthening client relationships? We'd love to hear your ideas and tips - feel free to share them in the Comments Box below.