Conference Room Reservations Made Easy for Office Tenants - Here's How

Sharing office space comes with it’s own sets of challenges and rewards. At TimeTap here in Charlotte, we share space with other entrepreneurs and small businesses. We love all the people we get to meet and sometimes see new faces roaming about. 

If you share space with other businesses and entrepreneurs, you may find that you have to reserve a conference room if meeting with an outside party to avoid stepping on one another’s toes.

In today’s post, we’re going to show you how our web scheduler can be used as a meeting room manager.

To try out our software, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial to get started and select either our Professional or Business Plan for the duration of your free trial.

Once you have your room reservation scheduling account created, go ahead and log in.


Setting up a Conference Room as a Resource for Office Tenants

If your business shares meeting space with other office tenants, here is how a conference room can be booked and easily managed with our scheduling software.

Step 1 - In TimeTap, let's create generic services by duration like "15-Minute Client Meeting", "30-Minute Client Meeting", and so on so that office tenants can book one of these services for client meetings outside of their own business' space.

Go to "Settings" > "Services & Classes" > "Add New Service". 


Step 2 - Name the service according to the time duration (ex. "15-Minute Client Meeting")

Be sure to select the actual duration the of the service (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.) You can also fill in additional information about the room reservation, but once you're ready then click "Save Service." 


Step 3 - From here, you could clone the service that we've just created and edit it so that it provides a different meeting duration.

I've created 2 more services below for a 30-minute client meeting and an hour client meeting.


Step 4 - Now, let's add a conference room as a resource for each of these services.

Make sure you're under "Settings" > "Services & Classes" > click the "Resources" tab > and the "Add New Resource" button.


Step 5 - From here, you can type in the name of the conference/meeting room. The name I've chosen for this example is "The Beehive" (a themed conference room name).

Now, select the room reservation services that we've just created (15-Minute Client Meeting, etc...) to assign this conference room to.


Click "Save" once you're done. You've successfully set up times for which office tenants can book a conference room.

Tweaking the Web Scheduler for Office Tenants

Step 6 - Go back to "Settings" > "Services & Classes".

To make it clearer to other tenants that they'll be booking a conference room when they visit the web scheduler, click on the "Service & Class Panel Settings" button.

Let's change the default name of "Service" for this panel to "Duration of Room Reservation" or something similar.


Step 7 - And now, let's change the scheduler's flow so that booking this conference room will be simple for tenants.

Go to "Settings" > "Scheduler Rules & Logic".

Under "Configuration", click the "Edit" button.

Beside the "Panel Flow" drop-down, choose the "Locations" > "Services & Classes" option as this will allow tenants to select the physical office location first, and then the room reservation duration as a service.

Click "Save" and you're all set!

Below is a sample of the web scheduler's flow as we've set it up - you can click on the image to advance through the gallery.


If you have any questions on managing your web scheduler for office tenants & conferences, feel free to contact our support team and we'll be happy to help.

We hope this tutorial helps with easily managing meeting space for office tenants and clients. Give us a thumbs up and let us know your thoughts or questions in the Comments Box below.