When Was the Last Time You Took 10 Minutes to Do Nothing?

Do you feel guilty when you aren't doing anything? 

Many people do. Naturally, we want to be active, and when we do sit down to try and relax, many times we'll feel as if we haven't earned it.

Andy Puddicombe has a very different take on this, however. With 10 mindful minutes of meditation a day we can keep ourselves from being lost in thought, distracted, and overwhelmed by difficult emotions.

Even though you won't be working through your undoubtedly endless to-do list as you sit down to meditate (although -- remember your web scheduler is on call 24/7 for people to book appointments with you even when you're meditating :) you'll be nourishing your most important resource: your mind.

In Puddicombe's TED Talk (below) he speaks on the power of meditation to bring you into the present moment, something we spend a huge amount of our life passively avoiding with wandering thoughts about worries from the past or anxieties about the future.

To Puddicombe,  meditation is "a focused relaxation where we can allow thoughts to come and go without all the usual involvement." Check out his TED Talk below for more on how 10 mindful minutes a day can change your life:

Now that you watched it, what do you think? Do you already meditate for 10 minutes a day every day? Do you make sure to get at least 10 minutes of nothing time in where your not lost in thought but simply enjoying being?

Let me know in the comments below if you can find time to meditate or, if not, what stands in the way for you getting that time to yourself.