Tech Tutorial: How a Simple Google Survey Can Make Your Clients' Day

You might be wondering, how can my clients get excited by receiving another survey in their inbox? Their probably going to glance at the subject line and keep right on down to the next email.

But I’ll tell you that with the right ingredients, you can add “flavor” when it comes to seeking feedback or ideas for your next service, class, or improvements on those that you currently offer.

Today we have an awesome tech tutorial lined up for you on how to create a survey using Google Forms, and if you stay tuned, next week we'll provide you with an additional bonus on how to add a link to your survey in one of the appointment templates for our scheduling system. Here are 3 key ingredients that are important to consider when seeking feedback from your clients through a survey:


Is your business running a special? Did you just launch a new service or class and want to know clients think? It's important to be strategic when seeking feedback from your clients to avoid appearing as "annoying" them. Your goal is to figure out how you can move the ball forward without losing ground.

So, in order to do this, consider sending out a survey at some pivotal point - after running a special to see if clients enjoyed your services - at the end of a new class you've put together to find out what worked and what did not work. By being strategic in terms of time, you want them to feel that their help is needed and will be taken into consideration rather than their information is on the back-burner or will be considered whenever it's convenient (and you should heartily plan to consider their feedback).

*To really show your clients/students that you are listening, consider responding personally if you're able.

Method of delivery

Will they receive this survey through an email sent out by your company via your email service? Will they receive the survey through a "Thank-You" email after they've completed an appointment? Determine the route that you will take in terms of sending the survey to your clients/students. 

Exchange of Value

Receiving feedback from your clients/students is very valuable for your business to help with determining direction, goals, changes, and other actions, but it's good to consider what you could provide in exchange. 

Some things that you could provide for your clients are:

  • A discount with a coupon to an introductory service/class
  • Entry into a contest for a prize
  • The opportunity to be featured on your website or in a future blog post
  • A freebie (PDF checklist, email challenge, etc.)
  • Admission into a special community/group of like clients/students

If you can provide immediate value after seeking their feedback, 

It’s important to keep these 3 things in mind before building your survey to send out. Now, let’s look at how to create your survey using Google Forms.

1. Search for "Google Forms" using a search engine

2. Once on the landing page, click on "Go to Google Forms"

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 6.11.55 PM.png

3. Feel free to create a blank template *(this is good if you want to start off customizing your own form)

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 6.15.05 PM.png

4. Give your form a name, enter in a description, and begin choosing your question types with answer choices. There are a variety of question types to choose from to include multiple choice, short answer, long answer, checkboxes and more. There are also the options to add images and video into your survey - so be as creative as you'd like! You can also change the color of the header of the survey & use a photo. In the image below, I've created a feedback form for a group of students who have completed a hand lettering class:

5. Additionally, if you go to the cogwheel in the upper right (the Settings button), you'll see other options that you can edit there, such as whether or not to collect email addresses, send response receipts, and be able to customize your own confirmation message. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 6.38.57 PM.png

Be sure to save your changes.

6. And you're all set - your survey will be saved with your Google account so that we can come back to it later and copy a shortened link for the survey.


And that's how you can easily create a survey using Google Forms in addition to providing "flavor" or value to your clients/students. Stick around because next week we're planning to show you how to incorporate a link to your survey into one of our appointment email templates.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Let us know in the comments below! For now, happy scheduling!