It's a Match! How to Build & Strengthen Client Relationships with Webinars

If you were with us last week, we planned to show you this week how to send a thank-you email to your clients with a link to the Google Survey you've created. Stick with us as we'll show you how after sharing some more helpful client tips! If you're in a hurry though, you can skip down to the bottom and check out our tutorial.

In today's post, we're going to focus on building & strengthening your client relationships.

So, you've been taking appointments online for about a year now and business is going well. You've developed a group of clients who visit your office or work with your staff members on a regular basis; however, you feel like there's something missing.

Evelyn comes in once a month for her hair treatment with us. Daniel has been training with us for the past three months and is very impressed. Victoria is super excited about the updates we've made to her website and can't wait to dive in and arrange her content.

But we've been cruising pretty steady - no significant jumps in business outside of the normal anticipated dates and not very many new clients willing to work with us. How can we build new client relationships and strengthen the ones that we have?

How can we build new & strengthen current client relationships?

How can we build new & strengthen current client relationships?

If this question has come to your table, here's is how planning and having webinars can help encourage and fortify your client relationships so that new clients will say, "Hey, it's a match!" and current clients will say, "Oh man, I need to try that!" or, "I didn't really understand that, but now it's much clearer. How can I sign up?"

Get current and new clients excited about the services or classes that your business offers. Here's why webinars work:

3 Ways Webinars Help You Find Client Matches & Build Relationships

1. They allow your clients to connect with you digitally in real time

Hosting webinars is great when seeking new clients who have never heard of your business until coming across your website, social media page, an advertisement, or hearing about it from a friend. They are also great for potential clients who are warm and have heard about your services and or classes before, but were on the fence about trying them.

By hosting a live webinar through Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, Join.Me, or another live web-hosting platform if you are giving potential clients a visual of who you are and what your business represents. Additionally, you can provide a behind the scenes look at your business if you're a startup, a consulting agency, own a salon/barbershop, or have a different business that allows clients to see beyond normal operations and know that the staff members who are willing to assist them are human.

2. They allow clients to ask questions and openly converse with you

This is a biggie - by giving potential and current clients the opportunity to have an open conversation with you, you're opening up the floor for questions and un-staged answers. This allows you to showcase your expertise and what you know and therefore builds your authority.

As a suggestion, for each webinar it would be great to schedule in at least 5 to 10 minutes of Q & A so that several individuals will have the opportunity to have their questions answered. Also, there is the option to plan a webinar that is completely Q & A and open to questions regarding a certain topic that involves one of your services like "best pet training tips", "10 things millennials need to know before purchasing their first home", or another catchy topic that will prompt clients to join in, listen, and ask questions.

3. They allow you to share value without pitching your services/products (if you choose)

With these webinars, you are providing value through sharing knowledge about your services or classes. For instance, let's say that a student reads the description for one of your classes that he is interested in, but is unsure if the class will provide any real value towards his professional goals. Having a webinar and offering additional information about the class can relieve some of that mystery and unsureness the potential student is feeling.

As an added bonus, even consider creating slides for your webinar or a handout that will allow clients to follow along with you and take notes (we'll talk further about slides in a moment).

4 Tips for Hosting Your Best Webinar

1. Create slides for webinars that tend to be informational - if your webinar will mostly contain information and details that clients can notes on or take screenshots, create slides to organize that information. Remember that presentation matters just as much as the information you're giving, so if a client is likely to get "information overload" by listening or even by reading your slides, then you should consider a different way of organizing it. Bits and pieces of information with graphics tends to work well with presentations to keep viewers from getting overloaded or bored.

2. Be sure you've rehearsed slides and prepared - Practice your slides before hosting your webinar so that you have a feel for the information and can make it more personable and relatable. When you don't practice with slides, you're likely to be more mechanical and dependent upon its information. Also make sure that your information is condensed and will fit into the amount of time you've designated.

3. Break down any special terms your business uses - If there are special terms that you use for some of your services or classes that some clients might not be familiar with, it's very helpful to break those down and make them relatable. This would be done more so for clients who are not familiar with your services or classes. You'll help to deter questions regarding terminology that might come up during the webinar and prevent individuals from leaving due to difficulty following your presentation.

4. Offer a replay of the webinar and downloadable slides for those who sign up and attend - An excellent option if you want to add and keep new clients on your email list. Since it might be hard to offer the webinar multiple times during the day during normal business hours, it's understandable that some clients will have difficulty attending your session. If you offer a replay by email, this almost literally makes clients feel like, "Phew! I can watch it later when I have the chance." Potential and current clients would be relieved to know that they can still watch your webinar within so many hours.

Additionally, providing the slides as a downloadable PDF is a great idea and would also serve as a digital takeaway that clients could refer back to when they're ready or have questions about a concept.

Need Some Webinar Ideas? We've Got You!

If you're wondering, "What could we possibly host a webinar on?" here is a starter list for several industries:

  • Fitness trainer - A free live 30-minute workout session with yours truly  (not a typical webinar, but definitely a great idea)

  • Personal finance assistant - free tips on budgeting and maintaining a tracking spreadsheet

  • Brand consultants - Free walkthrough on scheduling posts through a social media management system

  • Health professionals - Free health information session on various topics

  • Instructors or educators - free learning session within your subject (ex. - learning a new language, Adobe Photoshop basics, programming basics, etc.)
  • Can you think of any others? Tell us by sharing in the comments box below!

Did you enjoy this post? We hope it helps! Stay tuned because next week, we're going to look at how you can create some awesome slides for your webinar for free - yes, they can look awesome!

If you were with us last week and have created your Google survey, we're going to show you how you can include a link to that survey in an appointment template below.

How to Send Your Google Survey out to Clients

So you've created your Google Survey, now it's time to send it out through an appointment template with our online scheduling system. Make sure you're logged in to your Google account and TimeTap's BackOffice.

Step 1 - Under Google Forms, grab the link to your survey by clicking the "Send" button, the link icon, and copying the link to your clipboard.

Grab the survey's link and copy to clipboard

Grab the survey's link and copy to clipboard

Step 2 - In TimeTap's BackOffice, go to "Messaging" > "Appointment Templates"

Go the the appointment templates page

Go the the appointment templates page

Step 3 - Click on the "View" button for the "Appointment Completed" message. This is our Thank-You message for clients/students who have completed an appointment or class session.

View the "Appointment Completed" template

View the "Appointment Completed" template

Step 4 - Click on the "Clone" button for the default template

Clone the default template

Clone the default template

Step 5 - Under the "Details" section, change the appointment template's name, set its reason (the service or class for which you're choosing), set the language, and click "Save"

Edit the details and save

Edit the details and save

Step 6 - Under the "Template" section, edit the body of the message to reflect your brand and ask clients/students to take your survey.

Edit the body of the template's messaage

Edit the body of the template's messaage

Step 7 - Add a link to the text that asks clients/students to take your survey and click "Save"

Add the survey's link to highlight text in the body of your message

Add the survey's link to highlight text in the body of your message

Step 8 - You're all done! You'll be able to see the link you've added to your survey.

You'll see the survey's link has been added & it's ready to be sent

You'll see the survey's link has been added & it's ready to be sent

Thanks so much for joining us today you guys for these tips and our tutorial! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments box below. Stay tuned for our next tech tutorial - for now, happy scheduling!